Hurricane Harvey, Flash Floods, Oh My….


I admit it…I am a chicken! When authorities say to stay inside because of Hurricane Harvey, I obey.  However, my husband just went out to meet some friends for a “hurricane run!”  I am fine with my computer, candles, cooking, cell phone….I am just not a live-on-the-edge kind of person.  We are expected over the next five days to get amazing amounts of rain…so I may be here awhile!  I am glad to have my Sperry Rain Boots in case I need to venture out.  Make sure you stop by tomorrow for Summer Sunday Style Sweet Spot…and on Monday, you will not want to miss the giveaway I have for you!  If you are in South Texas, stay safe, heed warnings, and everyone try to KEEP SMILING.


  1. We were just watching coverage of this (on CBC Canada) and it looks very scary. Stay safe Pam.

  2. It doesn’t look like it is moving for a couple of days. This is so unprecendented. Thanks Patti

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