Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot in the Details

The more I learned about styling  my look after age 50, the more I understood that my style would be found in the details.  I like my clothing to speak messages appropriate for a professional woman…but I am also a professional woman in a creative industry, so I like my style to reflect that creativity.  This is where the details come in and how my love of accessories grew.I purchased this faux suede tunic last year at Chicos because of the beautiful cut-outs and the color just says autumn to me.  It is light weight and works well for our warmer autumn temps.

The pants are the colored Metro Leggings at Soft Surroundings and they are sold again this year.  I have them in three colors because of the fit and comfort.  The brass button detailing at the bottom of each leg is also a nice touch. They are in the selections below on the model at the bottom wearing purple pants.I hghly recommend a bronze flat in your wardrobe. I have worn these Cole Hahn flats so much and I purchased them on clearance a few years ago at Dillards.  My cost per wear has been incredibly low for this item and they still look great.The scarf caught my eye on a visit to the consignment shop and the colors had me sold.  All in all, the detail in an outfit like this reflects my creativity.  I hope it says I am vibrant, optimistic, and love to paint my own style.  I prefer garments with interesting detail, though they are not always easy to find. Great style can simply be in the details!  I selected some for you to consider below… (personally I love the tunic with the big zipper in the back and on the floral pants! I have my eye on that one!)

Do you look at details when you are shopping for clothing?

Keep Smiling, Everyone!


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  1. Thank you, Jennifer! I hear fall-like weather is on it’s way at the end of the week, so I will be wearing this out soon!

  2. This truly says autumn! I like the detail on the top and that scarf was a great find!! Do you size up on the leggings? I have wondered what size of the Metro leggings to buy, and they are languishing on my wish list for that reason. I like a close fit. Do they fit true to size? Your transitional pieces pictured are beautiful. I love that floral jacket!! And the floral pants. They are subtle while being really interesting and different!

  3. I do not size up on the Metro Leggings. They fit well and hold their close fit well. I really think they are more like a pant than a legging. I want to go to our local Soft Surroundings and try on the floral pant…I think I would be more tempted to size up on those just because of the material. I love those floral pant with than top with the zipper in the chic. Thanks for stopping by Karen!

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