I purposefully have decorated my home to look like a country bed and breakfast.  The first time I walked into such a house was about 32 years ago in Fredriksburg, Texas…a quaint hill country town a couple of hours from San Antonio.  I loved the comfortable, welcoming asthetics of the B & Bs.  But, before we owned our current home, I began to decorate for the seasons.  I actually think it is part of the legacy I have handed down to my kids.

In the last 31 years, there have been only a couple of years the autumn decorating was put on hold and my adult children hated it.  Somehow when the house is decorated all is right with the world.  It may not feel like or look like fall in South Texas, but at home it does.  We are hosting Thanksgiving for a big family this year, so i took special care with my own little B & B- style to get it just right….and I am pleased. I love to light my autumn candles and work with the warmth of the decoations around me. All of these decorations were made or collected over years from different places.  Some of the touches of nature come from homes or memories and were added into the mix. I wrap them all carefully and put them away after Thanksgiving.



Here are some image from around our home.  I hope they inspire someone!




Keep Smiling…It’s the Weekend!

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