Fashion Over 50: Why I Wear White in Fall

I wasn’t going to give an opinion on wearing white after Labor Day.  I didn’t believe it was an issue any longer.  Until I ran into a woman last week, who, upon seeing my outfit, said….

Woman:  I applaud your courage to wear those white pants.  I just can’t do it…my mother’s voice rings in my head not to wear white after Labor Day.

Me:  Maybe, I am just rebellious.  My mother told me the same thing… But, I don’t think the rule makes sense.  I mostly hear the rule followed by women in Southern states or women older than we are.  White pants work any time of year.

Woman:  I just can’t do it…I ‘ve been trained to think it is wrong.

Well, I feel sorry for her, because there are some beautiful styles throughout the year including white garments.  One of the ways I like it in the fall is with a look like this one I am wearing today.  Darker neutrals always work with white.  The only reason to not wear white all year is if you just do not like it.   What do you think?  White or no white for fall?

Today’s Outfit with pieces I have owned for awhile:

Pants and Tunic:  Eileen Fisher at Dillards

Topper – Chicos Traveler

Necklace – Chicos

Bracelet – Soft Surroundings

Shoes – Rockport Total Motion

Keep Smiling…and Wear White if You Want To!!


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  1. White pants, yes! White jackets, yes! (But not at the same time.)

    White shoes, no! (#TeamNoWhiteShoesEver)

  2. I agree with you on so many counts today, Pam! It makes no sense to me that any colour, including white, would be restricted to only certain seasons. And, as far as the fact that we have become a rude society and that Facebook has become a platform for the rudest amongst us, sad but very true!

  3. The “rules” have changed so much over the years. I, too, recall when white was out of the question after Labor Day. Just as I recall when women were not permitted to wear pants in the workplace! So glad things have changed. On the other subject, I certainly hope kindness and civility make a return in full force!! Good manners never go out of style — on Facebook or anywhere else!

  4. I think wearing white after Labour Day has more to do with climate and the type of fabric. We are having a hotter September than usual here in my part of Canada, so I am still wearing white pants, but once it gets cooler I will put them away till we vacation south over the winter.
    I do love a white shirt all year long though.

  5. I agree that fabric & weather play into wearing white all year long. I can’t see myself tramping through the snow & slush of an Indiana winter in a pair of white pants, but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them on sunny day no matter the date on the calendar. I also agree on the white shoe comment, except my Keds sneakers.

  6. I would agree with you, Becky…I can’t see me wearing white ever in any type of inclement weather. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Whoever made up that ‘no white after Labor Day’ must not have lived in Florida. It’s still 90 roasting degrees here!! I’ll continue to wear my white pants and lightweight tees until we get our month or so of cool weather!

  8. Yesterday I felt like wearing Navy and white and I actually texted a friend: “it’s too late to wear white jeans isnt it.” I sensed then, that I was in clothing-default mode, and that’s going to stop. Thanks for the shoring up.

  9. I like white all year. I hear so many women say they never wear white shoes, but I have the most beautiful pairs of white pumps and I wouldn’t be without them! If optic white seems over the top when it’s snowing, as it often is in the winter where I live, I wear my winter white. I love winter white and it’s a good compromise for those who want to dabble in it without going full tilt optic white!

  10. I grew up with the same rule about white and always thought it was silly. I’m so glad that it’s not such a big deal any more. Besides,it’s still hot in Texas even after Labor Day

  11. Thanks for bringing up winter white, Karen. I love that shade of white…it has a creamy touch to it. I think is is beatuiful especially around the holidays!

  12. I am a new reader of your blog. LOVE your posts because you are so relatable. I too think fabric and weather should be the determining factor. I live in southern California now, and lived in Arizona before moving here. But I think if I lived in a cold climate I would still want to wear white in warmer fabrics.

  13. Living in Southern California, I find myself relying on white pants to ease the transition between seasons and temps….right now, I have paired white pants with black and navy sleeveless tops, soon I will add a cotton cardigan or jacket. I love the outfit you have put together! The way you accessorize your outfits is always an inspiration to me as it has always been my weak spot and I am learning a lot through your beautiful photos!

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