Chicos’ Travelers Collection:  Perfect for An Active, Over 50 Life

I began today in one of my favorite Chicos outfits in the previous post, but now I want to focus on the latest collection from Chicos Travelers. There are not many things which can be counted on…but I know I can count on Chico’s Travelers. For the past thirty years, through each different phase of my life I have worn selections from Travelers. Now, as a very busy magazine editor, blogger, wife, mother, grandmother, I still need clothing in my closet which is easy, always looks good, and does not need special care.Travelers was designed for traveling.  These stylish pieces never need ironing or dry cleaning and are selections I can count on to always look fresh and stylish.  I really do have some pieces which I have worn consistently for right at thirty years.

I have also discovered that these pieces intermingle, mix and stretch the wardrobe from year to year.  It is easy to use the foundational pieces and mix with new ones, like this great jacket, and stay current with style.  This fun Tristan Short Pendant necklace is also from Chicos.


I highly recommend Travelers and hope you will check out the current collection.  I have selected some of my favorites below!

#LoveChicos   #Travelers20

Keep Smiling!

Disclaimer:  I was provided this outfit for the post, and the words are my own.




  1. I had no idea this line has been around for 30 years! That’s a testament to its popularity. It’s good to hear that you are still wearing the pieces from years ago. That tells me they are well made and classic. I’ll have to check out the new collection! That’s a great jacket!

  2. The necklace looks a lot like French Kande, which I dearly love but with an average price of $250.00 it is quite over my budget. I see it retails for $45.00. Will be buying soon! Thank you for all you do!

  3. Pam, until about a month ago (perhaps when you changed the look of your blog), I received an email notification each time you published a new post, but I’m not receiving them anymore. I was hoping to sign up again, but I’m not seeing how to do that. Can you please help? Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the confustion, Elaine. I think the early followers are the ones who dropped out. Where you see the email box in the middle just sign up there. Yes, you get my free document, but it is the email subscription location. Sorry for all the confustion…please let me know if that doesn’t work.

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