If you have been with me a long time, you are aware of my ups and downs with weight.  It has been my biggest struggle since I turned forty.  This post is not about seeking advice to get on the losing track once again, it is a post about acceptance where you are.  We can discuss healthy eating another day.  I am a stress eater and in a career surrounded by food…. I am determined there will be a day I conquer the beast.  But, for now….As I said, I go up and I go down, and I hover around a certain size…some days it does steal my joy …when I allow it to.  But, most days I make a choice to dress the body I have to be fierce, strong, confident, intelligent and fun.  Life is too short to sit in a corner and cry over my weight gain….again.   Today’s world of fashion is definitely bringing better choices for the plus size woman than ever before.  I have favorite brands because of their options for a variety of women from peitite to tall to plus size.  And, I love the fact that on Project Runway Season 16, they are designing for women of all sizes up to Size 22.

This outfit makes a statement to be visible no matter my size.  I can enter a room wearing a statment pant like this with a smile on my face and still feel like I look my best.  Am I working on achieving a healthier weight?…you bet.  But, for now, I still want to look and feel great when I leave the house in the morning.  That keeps me optimistic and joyful.

This entire outfit…pants, top, necklace, and bracelet…are all past Chicos purchases.  I love the comfort and fit of the Juliete Pant at Chicos, and I selected some fun options for you below.  I wore this look for a morning at the McNay Art Institute in San Antonio.  Tuesday, I will show you what a few other stylish ladies over 50 wore to the same event.  It is important to have clothing which helps you to feel confident about YOU, no matter your size or age. Don’t think you can’t hit the sweet spot…you bet you can, girls!

Keep Smiling! (No Matter What the Scales Say)


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