I like to mix up my casual wear to keep it fun and interesing.  Though I wear these things while relaxing, it still matters to me to be confident.  Clothing really does affect our attitudes about ourselves.  If I look frumpy while dressing casual,  a negative attitude might seep in and begin to live there once again!  I won’t let that happen.  Whether I am stopping by a friends…enjoying grandchildren…or out and about running errands, I want my joy to be evident  and the cover of the book should reflect it.

Today’s look is a combination of Soft Surroundings and Marshalls.  My Soft Surroundings pieces withstand time and mix easily with other things.  So, I will stop by Marshalls occasionally and purchase a quality pieces for a song….and sometimes I do sing while getting dressed.  Today I am wearing my Metro Denim Leggings and leather flats from SS, and pairing them with two quality pieces from Marshalls which were $14 and $19.  I do not know why some prints speak to me and others don’t, but this print really spole to me with it’s mustard, navy, pink and cream mixtures.  

I am rarely bohemian style during the week…but there are casual weekends, you will find me in that place.  This jacket works for me for many reasons and the colors are perfect to pair with a variety of solid colors…I will probably wear it with olive green soon.It is difficult for me to feel confident if my weekend wear includes sweats, pajama bottoms, or exercise wear.  I have to pump up the causal just a big in order to keep smiling and not see only negative when I look in the mirror.  Of course, it doesn’t rule my complete outlook…but it has a lot to do with it.

Do you agree that it is just as important to care with our casual as we do our professional wear?


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