About the time my over 50 skin became over 60 skin, I realized I needed to invest more into my beauty plan.  In order to look my best, I began to research all options for skincare and makeup and discovered I loved the Bobbi Brown line.  She is after all a woman over 50 and does understand our needs.  In that time peiriod, I wore her moisturizing foundation and her BB cream, but recently I found things beginning to settle in the wrinkles around my mouth (you know, the smile lines)….an unavoidable sign of aging.  So, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and was introduced to her latest product …and intensive skin serum foundation with SPF 40.  I have to say…it is amazing and I love it.  This is not a sponsored post…just a grateful woman who wants to tell others about this product.  It is an excellent beauty tip and worth the investment.

I found it at several department stores I have linked below…HINT, one of them sells it for $3 less than the others.



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