Beauty Over 50 Tip: Bobbi Brown Answers Foundation Needs

About the time my over 50 skin became over 60 skin, I realized I needed to invest more into my beauty plan.  In order to look my best, I began to research all options for skincare and makeup and discovered I loved the Bobbi Brown line.  She is after all a woman over 50 and does understand our needs.  In that time peiriod, I wore her moisturizing foundation and her BB cream, but recently I found things beginning to settle in the wrinkles around my mouth (you know, the smile lines)….an unavoidable sign of aging.  So, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and was introduced to her latest product …and intensive skin serum foundation with SPF 40.  I have to say…it is amazing and I love it.  This is not a sponsored post…just a grateful woman who wants to tell others about this product.  It is an excellent beauty tip and worth the investment.

I found it at several department stores I have linked below…HINT, one of them sells it for $3 less than the others.




    1. It really impressed me and I wouldn’t have known about it if I had not gone by the counter at Dillards.

  1. I’ve used the Caudalie skin care line for several years but I noticed that some of the products are a little harsh as my skin is becoming drier. I’ll look at these products next time I’m at the store. Do you know if Sephora or Ulta carry the line?

    1. Bobbie Brown is not in those retailers, but can be found at the ones I linked here. A visit to a counter to see what you think is always a great idea. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I do want to tell you that you are mistaken
    Bobbi Brown is available at Sephora’s. and in Sephora’s in JC Penney’s.
    also at Saks Fifth Ave.
    also at Macy’s.
    and at Amazon.
    have never been in Dillards and until I read another blogger earlier this year I thought they had bankrupted years ago.

    1. Thank you Dee Dee, I am not that familiar with Sephora so I apologize that I did not check the information. The links in the post are for Dillards, Saks, Macys, and Nordstrom. I did not mention Amazon because I did not share the Amazon link…but I have purchased Bobbi Brown eye shadows on Amazon before. To my knowledge the brand is strong…and I know first hand this product is a good one. Thanks for the correction…I am always open to getting the proper information out.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown for years, and the serum foundation makes my 70 year old face look good. I buy her products at Lord and Taylor and on line.

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