Fashion Over 50: Style Secrets for a Slimmer Look

You guys are really the sweetest group of ladies!  I have heard from several insisting I am smaller than I say I am….there is just no way I am in between Misses and Womens sizes….oh but I am…the scales do not lie.  So, this week I am going to tell you some of the tips I use to “trick the eye” and appear slimmer.  The first tip, is the power of column dressing.  I will show three outfits this week with a standard column of neutral color underneath and, hopefully, inspire you with ways to mix up pretty simple styles.The whole week will show this column of black…a pair of black So Slimming Chico’s pants and a V Neck knit top.  The V-neckline is an important slimming technique.  It draws the eyeline down and opens up our faces. The V-neck also minimizes my girls…which are not minimal!  Clinton Kelley used to say the goal was to dress like we are a long, tall glass of water and it is easy to guide the eyeline so that happens.Then I added a statement necklace (Chico’s) to draw the eye upward, and the bronze medallion compliments the brown tones of the leopard shoes.  I have owned this red Eileen Fisher cardigan for awhile now, and it fits really well…because there are seams added in the back to keep from being two boxy.  It has wool in it, so down where I live, I only get to wear it in cooler weather. Speaking of weather, if it was colder I would have on boots, but the shorter pant length and flat shoes are because boots would be too toasty right now…but totally appropriate later. I love the leopard with the red cardigan, but would probably go with a black boot later.

I feel very confident in a look like this and I always feel confident when I dress with the column tip in mind.  How often do you use column dressing?

Here are some great staples, below, which  go well with a wardrobe based around the columns….

Keep Smiling!

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  1. Column dressing is a winner for certain. Such a great base you are using this week with the black pants and black V-neck top. V-necks are very slimming. I like how you brought the shoes and that gorgeous necklace together in the same color family. The cording on the necklace is beautiful! I think the flats are perfect with the ankle pants. When you say you’d wear boots, are you thinking booties or tall boots?

  2. I could do either boot…but I have a pair of black booties I usually wear with something like this. Thanks so much, Karen.

  3. Great look for you. The red jacket and the proportions of each piece add up to a powerful confident look. I would wear it in a red hot minute.

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