We started a conversation yesterday on column dressing and tips for slimming down.  Since I do dress often in a solid neutral color underneath, I look for ways to make the looks more interesting and still fit into my style messages….what I want to communicate with my style.An easy way tp slim down a look is to wear a fitted jacket with well placed seams.  Sometimes I button this jacket, but I wanted to keep the column seen for purposes of discussing column dressing this week.

This was a jacket which caught my attention during Chico’s sale this past summer.  I thought it looked interesting…maybe a little bit ELVIS…but I noticed what a high customer rating it had…the comments were very helpful and favorable.  I decided to try it, knowing if it did not work, I would take it back to a local store.I was pleasantly surprised.  I encourage you to read the comments…often they do really help. Most companies will allow the negative ones also.  A jacket looks great with a pencil skirt and can be so slimming.  I also wear pointed toe flats often because the elongated toe is also a slimming technique…keeping the eyeline where you want it.This jacket also looks really good with a white blouse underneath.  I can do so much with it, but for today, it is the statement jacket on top of the column.  Look below for ideas for statements…and share any other slimming techniques you know of when dressing!


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