Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot for Mixing Patterns

One of the ways we develop our over 50 personal style is by how we put our own “spin” on fashioning a look.  Because I love to communicate that I am creative, strong, and savvy, I often do some pattern mixing…though in more subdued ways.  I have learned that successful pattern mixing draws from the same color palettes.Pattern Mixing can happen from the top down and today, I am mixing my blouse with my shoes.  I LOVE these Debbie (Nude Snake) shoes from Adrian Allen.  They are comfortable, have a small heel, and fun pattern to them which will pump up any look.  They are so much fun.  I have written about other Adrian Allen styles HERE and HERE.  My cost per wear with these shoes is so low, because I wear them often.  The structure and fit…along with fun styles…make them favorites.It is all about creating visual interest we are comfortable with and feel confident in.  The interest here comes from the print on a rust colored top, the shoes, and the jewelry.  They make a simple denim & cardigan outfit, POP.This fall, I will wear these shoes with all types of patterns in my scarves and tops.  From far away, the pattern is so subtle it almost looks neutral…but come closer and the fun begins (and with comfort and happy feet to go along with it)  Check out THE DEBBIE SHOE HERE.


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Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post by the brand, but the words are my own.


  1. Pam … you always do such a lovely job when putting together such a stylish and comfortable looking outfit

  2. Pamela, the colors of this outfit are stunning on you. They make you radiate! Oh, and the shoes are awesome.

  3. I like the subtle mix of patterns. It looks classy. Great shoes, and i love the long cardigan!

  4. Blogging also helped me to step out of my box, Nancy. It’s been fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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