The Most Affordable, Stand Out Accessory

I write often about the power of a smile…the most affordable, best accessory for women over 50.  You can be dressed in the most fabulous, expensive clothing, but if you scowl or frown in it, your countenance kills the entire look.  Years ago, I started a Pinterest Board called NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT A SMILE.  I wanted to honor those bloggers who were smiling, because at that time, so many were not.
Have you heard this quote before?  “A smile is a face lift that is in everyone’s price range.”  So true, it can make such a difference in our confidence, acceptance, and joy.  I realize this is a difficult world with negative news messages and horrific entertainment media messages all around us.  But, we have a choice to put it behind us and keep smiling.  It can change your day when you smile though you may feel like crying (sounds like a song to me!) .  I think the world around us is hungry for more smiles.  I look for faces or scenes around me to make me smile every day.

The smiles of my family can turn on my smile in a moment.  If it helps you, then post those smiles around your mirror or on your computer or phone and let them encourage you to keep on smiling.

Just remember….it costs nothing…confidence is attractive…and smiling is attractive!

Keep Smiling!!

Now here are some items that make me smile!


  1. So true! It’s so nice to get a return smile, too, when you smile at someone! Thanks, Pam! You always have a great smile!

  2. This is so true. When someone is smiling, that’s the first thing you notice. I like the idea about posting the pictures of family members smiling and will be borrowing that one! Life can sometimes be very hard and smiles difficult to conjure up, but at times like those a smile from someone else can really lift you up! Not only an attractive accessory, but a way we can help each other over the tough spots!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Pam! In a world where there is a lot of sadness and we are bombarded with news 24/7, it is nice to see a smile. I am so thankful I was a child when I was with the news on once a day for 30 minutes and no social media. We were able to just be kids and have fun!

    1. So true Annette! We could play in the neighborhood all day long and people talked to each other and didn’t just look down at phones. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it was…was it?

  4. When I lived in Japan and traveled to other points in Asia, I learned that a smile is the same in any language! I couldn’t converse with most of the people I encountered on the street, in the shops, or on the train, but I made a point of smiling at each one I passed. Not everyone responded, but it always warmed my heart when someone smiled back and I hoped I’d brightened their day. It’s a habit I’ve continued since returning home. 🙂

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