Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot Power Suit (With A Discount)

Today, I am writing about power suits…investment dressing…clothes needed by some which build extreme confidence and make a strong statement when we need it.  MISOOK DESIGNER SPORTSWEAR is one of the brands which can help us when we are looking for these messages.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to wear this jacket and top to my next business networking luncheon.  It has a fabuous fit…amazing fabric…and gives me all of the above.Let me say now, I recognize this audience is varied in lifestyle and income levels.  Some of you are like me and still working and need to own investment quality pieces in your wardobe.  Others are retired and having fun with fashion, owning many different pieces of more moderately priced items.    However, I will say Misook has beautiful options for those who many need a lovely look for a shower, wedding, or special occasion.  These are quality fashion styles at their best.  The fit and beauty is excellent.For my next speaking engagement, I will be wearing Misook, because this is the type of confident clothing I need when standing in front of a crowd.  I also love the jacket with my black pants.  Now, I found for you some different styles below I thought you might like and there are a few which are on sale.  These would be great addtions for some of you, and sale prices are hard to pass up.   At least visit a favorite retailer and try on these jackets…you will be like me…and not want to take it off.  I am now a fan!

Find the  DIAGONAL TRIM JACKET and the matching CAMEL TANK WITH BLACK TRIM HERE.  Use this code MSK8091  for 25% off at checkout.




Disclaimer:  Clothing was provided for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Pam, this is stunning! You look so fabulous in tailored clothes and the proportion of the jacket to the skirt is spot on. Powerful indeed 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Lisa. I love this and I really prefer tailored style! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The out fit looks amazing on you. Unfortunately I can’t afford to spend $400.00 on a jacket. Being retired I need to be careful with my purchases. I know it is a classic but still that a little too rich for my blood. Any ideas for us so called “normal” women?

  4. Hey Barbara, Thanks for the comment. You know, normal women are found everywhere in all shapes, sizes, ages and income levels. As I said in my post, there are women who prefer to spend more on a few garments and have the income for pieces like this. However, there are women like yourself, retired, who want to look their best in budget friendly styles. I bring you those fashions all the time on the blog, so just keep returning and you will get those types of ideas. I cover style from Goodwill, thrift all the way to investment pieces like today. There is something here for all of us…just keep coming back.

  5. That’s a beautiful suit Pam. I like the black tights with the skirt. I’m still working and wear suits more often in the cooler weather than in the summer, but I do appreciate good quality pieces that will last for more than a year. I agree that a suit or any outfit that gives us that feeling of confidence is important, not just for working women, but for all women. And fortunately such things can be found in all price ranges. The pieces shown here are truly pretty!

  6. You are so right, Karen. Confidence can be discovered and worn at any price point. I am so glad to have found this Misook jacket and top…they give me the look I often need. Thanks!

  7. Love the jacket and the other ones suggested. But why are they all with only 3/4 sleeves? When it’s cold here in “sunny” Spain where I live it’s cold and I need long sleeves.
    I do enjoy your blog and hope you will be happy and healthy and write many more.
    Best wishes, Vivian Perry

  8. We think Pam just looks absolutely stunning in just about everything she wears! Call us bias, but this is our favorite look. We just posted about this jacket >>

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