Happy Saturday!  It isn’t quite time yet, but I am told a cold front is on the way this week and I am about to experience one of my favorite times of the year…October mornings.

I like to pour a giant mug of my favorite coffee…light a candle or two…and put on something cozy.  For me, it is a great time to write…read…and reflect.  I love the fresh cooler weather and it just makes the sun rays seem crisp and glorious.  

I started the week in Soft Surroundings and that is what I am wearing today.  It is a great cozy at home outfit.  Soft Surroundings has many of those…cozy, comfortable and perfect for cooler weather.  I found some new looks for you below. I own the faux fur throw and it is by far the best blanket in the world! #LiveSoft

Enjoy your day!  And….

Keep Smiling!

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