Out of Season Sales…Are You In or Out?


Finally, it is the weekend!  I am so happy to see Friday.  Have you had a good week? I was asked this week if I shop “out-of-season-sales” often.  I really do.  Almost all of my investment pieces were purchased out of season, like the Eileen Fisher sweater poncho I am wearing above.  It was another piece I bought over a summer at Dillards.  Yes, I have to wait to wear my finds, but it is worth it to have some beautiful pieces at great prices.

If you are in the mood to shop this weekend, there are also some good sales going on.  I have already started my Christmas shopping. I want to get special gifts and the best prices I can find.  Below you will find some out of season pieces and places with great sales right now and this weekend…you might check them out and see if you can discover some treasures for next spring and summer.

Before you leave, tell us if you shop out-of-season-sales…why or why not?  Then have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. I am definitely an out-of-season shopper. It may mean waiting to wear something, but when its season rolls around it’s like finding a fun treasure in the closet. Really gives me a lift to find something new that I bought months ago and sometimes forgot about! I found some great deals on casual summer tops that I needed, so when the weather warms up next year, it’s going to be fun discovering these things all over again! Have a great weekend – I’m SOOOOOO glad it is Friday!!!

  2. I try, but as a plus-size shopper, there isn’t that much selection. I usually have to snap things up as I see them. I’ve started trying Eileen Fisher, which I have found to run very large, so I’m returning recent purchases to exchange for regular sizes. That should make it easier to find nice out of season things, at least in that brand.

    Happy Friday! I may actually see a whole weekend off for the first time in a long while.

    1. Eileen Fisher really depends on the garment. The piece I am wearing here was a MEDIUM, but in most of her things I wear an XL. So it just depends. But I have found a variety of sizes on the sale racks. Hang in there and you will find some pieces that are just for you. I understand the frustrations of plus size…that has been most of my life. So I hear you. Thanks so much for being here, Julie. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. At almost 70 I no longer live for tomorrow. I enjoy the “moment” If I love it, I buy it and wear it. I loved the Talbot’s fall collection this year. It was worth every $$

    When asked his age, a darling friend of mine replied… “Well, I don’t buy ripe bananas.” I’ve adopted that philosophy myself. My final decade or so will be spent crossing things off my bucket list and enjoying TODAY!

    #1 Always thought because my hands were not long and lean I shouldn’t call attention to them. WRONG. With a professional manicure and a couple of coats of “gel” polish I was shocked… I have beautiful nails and that makes me feel “pretty”

    #2 …. 🙂

  4. That’s how I add to my Eileen Fisher collection also! I think I enjoy the piece just a little bit more because of the great savings, lol. I owe many of my Eileen Fisher and Rockport purchases to your suggestions.

  5. On or off season, if something catches my eye at a good price, I will snap it up. Some of my most interesting Christmas gifts have been picked up during the whole year.

  6. My problem with any sale is the disorganization of all the shelves and racks. If it is a store where I can go to my size and see what is available I am good but digging through a mess is not going to happen. This is a problem I see with out of season sales, if organized I shop. lol

    1. There are some that work to keep it organized…I know Talbots, Dillards, and Chicos do…but I agree that it is not worth it if the clothing is a mess. Thanks Victoria.

  7. I shop clearance racks frequently & often find out of season items there. Last spring, I found two casual cotton mock neck tops at 90% off. I also had a 30% off coupon, so these tops cost almost nothing.
    I agree with Victoria about the disorganization. It tends to make me turn away.

    1. I have turned away from disorganized messes. Thank goodness there are some retailers (talbots and chicos are two) who keep things in order. Thanks Becky.

  8. Super cute outfit. You look like the good kind of comfortable— ready to go out in five minutes instead of comfortable in the bad way of slopping around the house aimlessly.

    1. Yes…I like this kind of comfort! I am not a sweatshirt and yoga pants kind of girl! Thank you…happy weekend!

  9. I absolutely agree about buying off season. Another tip that I use is when I travel to a warmer or cooler climate the off season clothes are perfect for the season I live in.

  10. I don’t usually shop out-of-season sales unless I happen upon an item I just can’t resist. I’m more likely to wait for good sales on clothing and accessories for the current season. For example, I recently scored some fabulous finds at Chico both online and in boutique at 45 to 55 percent off! I can’t wait for the weather to cool down and stay cool so I can wear them.

    1. I hear you, Kathy. It ‘s fun to have new items for cooler weather ahead. Sounds like you scored some fun looks at Chicos!

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