Meet Roz & Ali…Formerly Known as DressBarn

Dress Barn opened in the 1960’s and has survived many challenges to the retail industry, but this weekend, in an effort to grow with the times, we were introduced to Roz & Ali and bid farewell to dressbarn.  I was excited to join in the grand opening celebration on Saturday and see what the new br and is all about.  I have to say I was impressed.  The displays were updated and the dressing rooms were awesome…gorgeous mirrors and couches in each room…with the all important three way mirror outside.  And this is affordable fashion!I found several styles I really liked and for the grand opening, the entire store was 25% off.  Here are my favorite looks….

I was very impressed with fabric quality and the many sizes available in misses, plus and petite.  In fact, as a woman who often shops in plus size, I felt like this place was perfect for me…the designs for plus size are excellent.I recommend you give this fresh, beautiful, stylish brand a try.  I believe this re-branding is a very good move and should be well received by women 50+.  Here are some of the pieces I am wearing….

Roz & Ali Gray Knit Topper

Bell Sleeve Ponte Cardigan Blazer

Military Jacket

Roz & Ali Plus Size Menswear Trouser

Roz & Ali Pencil Skirt

Keep Smiling!

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  1. I had no idea they were doing this! I was at Dress Barn last weekend with a friend who was looking for sweaters, and there was no indication anything was changing. I’ll have to go to the one closer to me and check it out. They’ve carried the Roz & Ali brand for some years now at mine, but I was completely unaware a change was coming! I love the gray jacket and pants you are wearing!

  2. If I understand it correctly, Karen, it is a slow roll. They will all eventually change, but not all at once. But the remake of the store they sent me to was lovely.

  3. I am sorry to see Dress Barn disappear. My family always enjoyed the store in our neighborhood. We have noticed some changes in the last few years.

  4. I heard a customer say the same thing yesterday…it is just a so many of us do for ourselves…I don’t think you will lose the essence of the foundation. I hope not any way.

  5. I don’t shop Dress Barn often but when I do I always like their selection. It will be interesting to check out the “new” store.

  6. I like their selection more in the new store…and all the sizes are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I agree Jennifer…in this modern world, the word barn does not say stylish or fashion forward.

  8. I think it is great they are changing their name. There is one near me and I always go looking but never find anything I can afford. But I love their clothes and won’t just think of them as a place to look for dresses.

  9. I have always loved the Roz and Ali brand. Everything fits well. So glad the store is staying open.

  10. I saw more separates on Saturday than dresses…but, of course, dresses were still there. Thanks Sue.

  11. I discovered Dress Barn via a recommendation from a co-worker whose style I admired. What a wonderful surprise — their clothing is fantastic and I always find lovely pieces. I especially like the Roz and Ali brand, so this is exciting news!

  12. The Roz & Ali collection is my favorite line of clothing sold at Dress Barn. I have a closet full of them to prove it. It is perfect for the plus size office worker or a casual afternoon. I rarely wear anything else but Roz & Ali. Hope they make these changes to the Atlanta area stores soon.

  13. Hi Ima…Thanks for the comment. Roz & Ali has their own website…you might check there to see what is happening in Atlanta.

  14. How exciting! I didn’t know Dress Barn was doing an update. I’ve always been a Dress Barn fan, but never really liked the name (a barn? really?! …HAHA). You look fab in all their looks!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and have a fun Halloween weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  15. I am so glad I read your post. Living in Canada we do not have “Dress Barn”, so whenever we go to the States I like to pay a visit. Now I know not to look for that but “Roz & Ali” I liked everything you showed and am looking forward to my next visit! Thank you.

  16. I think it is a slow roll out, Carol. You may find some called DressBarn and Some called Roa & Ali…so look for both.

  17. I bought a pair of Roz and Ali pants quite awhile ago, and just now finally decided I should complain.
    All of the seams have tiny threadlike stitches coming out of
    them. I can no longer wear them.
    I can send in the pants so you can see them.

    I really liked them, so was disappointed when this happened.
    Thank you!

  18. Dress Barn in Danbury, Ct will be closing soon, will Roz & Ali take over or open a store in Danbury, Ct

  19. I am thrilled to hear that Dressbarn quality and clothing line is updating and that Roz & Ali will be theire new name. I am a dress barn person and love the Roz and Ali line in their stores.
    However, they will need to find a better way to communicate the needs of their customers as no one is answerable to issues with specific problems.

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