Consider Separates for Holiday Party Wear

This is the time of year when every time I turn around there is a holiday party or special event.  Many of these for my professional life occur during the day or right after work.  I often do not have time to run back home and change, so I try to wear something festive and appropriate for both.Since I prefer to wear separates, I have become a huge fan of the Alex Evening Brand sold at my local Dillards.  The clothing is beautiful, not too over-the-top. and they fit all sizes.  You can intermingle the pieces in many ways.  I am wearing an Alex Evening jacket above with my skirt for work, but it also looks great with their velvet pant for evening wear. I first introduced you to the brand when I wore one of their outfits for this year’s local Fashion Awards.These pants would also look great with the jacket from the skirt outfit…one of the reasons I just love separates…many different outfits are available when we can mix it up.  They also work well for weddings…and there are always weddings around holiday time.  I have selected some pieces from the current Alex Evening selection below and some are on sale.

Do you have many events to attend this holiday season?  What do you usually like to wear?


Disclaimer:  I was gifted this item to wear, but the words are my own.


  1. I was immediately drawn to that gorgeous ball skirt and the jacket pictured to the right of it, the zip lace jacket. I’d wear that in a heartbeat!! That skirt is so fabulous…. I like your jacket very much, and it’s the perfect holiday outfit that can work for day and evening. Cute shoes also, they really add a festive touch! My previous place of employment had parties for the holidays every year. It was great fun to get dressed up for them as they were usually in the evening. These days I am not attending events like that any longer, and find that I really don’t miss them. Growing up and into my 40’s, my mom and dad took the family out on New Year’s and we always got dressed up for that too. For me now, it’s more casual get-togethers with a few friends and our big family day at New Year’s (VERY casual!). Not that I wouldn’t go to a party and get dressed up and love it, I’m just not doing it at the moment. The pants you wore to the Fashion Awards are beautiful! Aren’t flowy pants wonderful to wear? So elegant!!

  2. I our lives and needs change so much from year to year, Karen. I need outfits for my work and my husband’s company has a huge party every year. But I also think many of these items work well for weddings. I wanted to do this for those, like me, who still have party wear needs at this time of year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Pamela, love your holiday outfit. Separates are the way to go. So easy to wear and comfortable. Thanks for tipping me off to the brand. I like a nice flowy pant too. My shorter friends remind me you really have to have some height to pull them off. Luckily I do and they pair so well with so many things.

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