We spent all day Saturday and some of Sunday decorating the house for Christmas.  It’s a lot of work, and coming on the heels of cooking and hostessing Thanksgiving…I have been tired!  Really tired!  This resulted in me not heeding my own advice and regretting that decision.  I ran out on Sunday to get an addition to the Christmas decor at a discount store and left the house without makeup and in a “not so clean” tunic.  It never fails…I always run into someone I know when I am not properly prepared.  A reader of the blog noticed me the minute I walked into the store, and even introduced me to her husband. I came home appalled and regretful.  It takes just as much effort to throw on something like this, as it does to pick up a used shirt from the floor of the closet!  I actually wore the same leggings from JJill.  Putting on one top and one necklace with a nice pair of shoes is not difficult.  Now, the make up…I needed to take time to freshen my face…we don’t always have to go full out, but just a little can make a difference.

I will remember that moment next time I am tempted to just “run a quick errand.”   This really is rare, but I want to honor those who visit here regularly, and myself…and not let it happen again.  It doesn’t take that much time.

True confessions over…..


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