A few years ago, I decided to give up and make the big choice to wear glasses, literally, all the time.  That was when I also decided my glasses would be come a part of my style and my branding.  My grandson, Luke, doesn’t like me to ever take them off.  That is how he knows me.  However, because I wear them all of the time, I wear more eye makeup in order to get them to pop.  I have had many “experts” tell me that women over 50 should not wear a lot of eye makeup…but I have created my own rules, which suite me!  So, here is my makeup, part 2 and all about my eyes…..

I start with my brows and I really love this Loreal Paris Brow Kit.  My brows have a lot of gray in them so my stylist will color them when I go in each month…but this little magic kit keeps me going in between and stays on all day.  It is perfect.  Next, I take my foundation sponge and touch a little leftover from the day before on my eyelids to act as a primer for the eyeshadow.  The serum foundation is perfect for this.

The base eye shadow is a Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadow in Suede.  It is my favorite color and isn’t available in stores right now.  You have to go to Amazon for it.  It lasts on my eyes all day and it lasts in the little container a very long time.  I have only replaced it once in about four years.  The makeup technicians at Bobbi Brown taught me so much about eye color and how to make my own eyes stand out.  I have hazel eyes.  i have seen them often when they look completely yellow/gold.  But, I prefer them to look green..so, as I was taught, I enhance my eyes with purple.  I put purple shadow in the crease. And also….Wear purple eyeliner…which I put at the base and underneath my eyelashes…I also put a little on my lower lashes at the end.  It is a beautiful eggplant purple.  If you do not know how to enhance your eye color, then it is worth the trip to the makeup counter just to learn how to bring out your beautiful eye color.  Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil

Out of everything here, I change mascaras the most.  I love some of the more pricey ones.  But, currently, I really like this new Loreal Butterfly Sculpt mascara.  It has a small comb-like brush and spreads out my lashes as it makes them longer.

For me, for now, wearing all the eye make up is a part of my confidence and I will continue with it for now.  Has anyone else been told not to wear eyeshadow or eyeliners after age 50 or 60?  Remember…you can create what works best for you!

Keep Smiling!

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