Fashion Over 50: How I Do A Pantsuit

This is as close to a pantsuit as I get these days.  A pantsuit to me implies matchy-matchy…most often the jacket matches the pants perfectly and is appropriate in most professional settings. The official definition says the garments are made of the same materials in a pantsuit. I own a couple of these types of suits and use them when the business meeting warrants it.Don’t get me wrong…I think a quality pantsuit with a beautiful silk blouse is super chic and classy.  But, lately my style is a bit more creative and on the move.  So, I find myself breaking up the suits and wearing the suit jacket with denim.  Today, I am wearing two pieces I purchased last fall from the Chico’s Fall 2016 collection.  The matching fabric creates a different type of pantsuit and I am wearing it with an Eileen Fisher tank in the paprika color.  I also mix these pieces up with different colors and textiles.

This is more relaxed than the traditional pantsuit.  I spend most of my days at a desk, editing, or running back and forth to the graphics editors’ office.  I might have an occasional meeting in office.  When I go out for meeting, I often step it up …closer to the traditional pantsuit.  But, as I said…I like to mix it up!

Whenever I retire, I know I will not let go of the suit jackets with my jeans…I love that look too much.  But, perhaps a traditional suit will only be worn to an occasional wedding!

Do you still wear pantsuits?  Do you ever break them up for a more casual style?

Let us know…and…

Keep Smiling!!



  1. Well, there are pantsuits and then there are pantsuits. I think that a blazer/fitted jacket and pants that match (like a skirt suit only with pants) is classy and appropriate in the settings you mention. Pantsuits that veer toward the leisure suits of old, or pastels…while they might work for some they aren’t my cup of tea. What you have done here is stylish and creative, and right in step with your creative image. I think it’s great! Great shoes too! It seems to me that if you find it in Chico’s, you know it’s stylish! I love to wear blazers and suit jackets with jeans, and like you, in retirement I will continue to wear that look. I rarely wear my suits as a ‘suit’ unless for a meeting at work, but typically they are mixed and matched with other things. When worn together, I just think of it as a ‘suit’. You know, it’s like you would never refer to a man’s suit as a pantsuit. If that makes sense! I think for me, ‘pantsuit’ conjures up a negative image. I think of what you have on as separates creatively combined.

  2. Glad to see somebody addressing pantsuits. I always break up a pantsuit, whenever i’m lucky enough to find one. I wear the jacket over sleeveless dresses, with a top and a skirt (maybe print).
    I love a suit jacket over jeans and a t-shirt. I try to stick with Chico’s, Talbots and Jones New York and I’m pretty sure I look age appropriate at all times. A pantsuit is an open invitation to be creative.

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