This is as close to a pantsuit as I get these days.  A pantsuit to me implies matchy-matchy…most often the jacket matches the pants perfectly and is appropriate in most professional settings. The official definition says the garments are made of the same materials in a pantsuit. I own a couple of these types of suits and use them when the business meeting warrants it.Don’t get me wrong…I think a quality pantsuit with a beautiful silk blouse is super chic and classy.  But, lately my style is a bit more creative and on the move.  So, I find myself breaking up the suits and wearing the suit jacket with denim.  Today, I am wearing two pieces I purchased last fall from the Chico’s Fall 2016 collection.  The matching fabric creates a different type of pantsuit and I am wearing it with an Eileen Fisher tank in the paprika color.  I also mix these pieces up with different colors and textiles.

This is more relaxed than the traditional pantsuit.  I spend most of my days at a desk, editing, or running back and forth to the graphics editors’ office.  I might have an occasional meeting in office.  When I go out for meeting, I often step it up …closer to the traditional pantsuit.  But, as I said…I like to mix it up!

Whenever I retire, I know I will not let go of the suit jackets with my jeans…I love that look too much.  But, perhaps a traditional suit will only be worn to an occasional wedding!

Do you still wear pantsuits?  Do you ever break them up for a more casual style?

Let us know…and…

Keep Smiling!!


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