Faux Leather Leggings Over 50: Should We or Shouldn’t We

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are ready for the holiday season ahead.  Can you believe it is already here?  Well, it doesn’t really feel like it in South Texas.  Saturday, we were in the 80s…so an outfit like this one is perfect for our type of fall.  A soft tunic (which I found last year at my favorite local boutique, Andie & Barbara) with my favorite faux leather leggings is a look I feel very confident wearing.Now, I understand there are women who believe both faux leather, and leather leggings are wrong for women over 50, or over 60 to wear.  They do not see them as age appropriate…but as for me…I love mine!  I bought them a couple of years ago at Soft Surroundings...and I wear them often and do not find them inappropriate at all.

These have some detailing to give interest on the bottom of the leg and they are not shiny, but very much like a real leather would be.  I would never want anyone to wear a garment you do not feel comfortable in, but as far as age appropriate, I wouldn’t worry about that….they look great on any age if styled well.I toss on some fun jewelry and I am good to go.  This is a style I always get compliments when wearing and I find I smile a lot when wearing.

So how do you feel about the leggings…are you in or are you out?  Do you find them inappropriate for some ages?  Let us know what you think…

I found them at several different retailers and different price points…you might check out the ones I found below….

Keep Smiling and Get Ready for A Fun Week!

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  1. I’m going to get some. I’ve been on the fence, but you just convinced me to go for it when you said “if styled well.” That is the key. I’m grabbing my shopping buddy to go pick some out!

  2. I love leggings because I find them stylish as well as comfortable. They are great all year round, too! I love the detailing on the ones you are wearing!!!

    My only “complaint” is when they are worn as regular pants and not covered properly (for any age woman).

  3. I think this depends on where you live. In Montreal and Toronto these have been popular for the last five years and are especially worn ny very sophisticated mature women with tunics and ballet flats or low heeled booties. But when I visit Columbia SC they (and leather pants in general) are new and look over the top. Location seems key.

  4. I love the look not sure if I’d be comfortable in them. You look amazing in them. I didn’t think I’d like skinny jeans but I live in them now.

  5. Any age is appropriate in my opinion. Classy and paired perfectly with the tunic. Have a happy joyful week everyone.

  6. I know, Cathy. I did not think I would like leggings or skinny jeans…and they are my preference. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Interesting, Lori. I had not considered that. I know I am one of the few in South Texas who wear them…but we have a much warmer climate. Thanks for the observation.

  8. I hear you, Beth. I would never wear mine with short tops…it would not be a flattering look on me at all. Thanks so much

  9. I love your look! You always manage to make black look “not black” by your use of color and accessories. I bought some black faux leather leggings last year by Michael Kors at a bargain price at Steinmart’s and I love them. Thanks to you for the affirmation that I did the right thing!

  10. I am very slender and love leggings. I am over 70 and do not feel out of place as I do wear a top that is not clingy..I have a problem with jeans though as they do not fit my body type well. Thanks for the blog on this item.

  11. Your outfit is fabulous! I would definitely wear those leggings, and your chic tunic covers perfectly.

  12. You are so kind, Linda! And Stein Mart is a good place to look for things like this…I love Stein Mart. Happy to give affirmations anytime.

  13. Thank you Susan…I can’t tell you how much those words mean to me. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. You look great in these leggings.
    I love all kinds of them with appropriate length tops. They are so comfortable.

  15. They are Joan…and seriously, one of my favorite things to wear and I do wear them often. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I like this quote from Vicki Archer and I think it’s very appropriate here. “I believe as long as our confidence shines and we are able to interpret fashion to suit our physical selves then never say, never. I have banished the “too young” from my vocabulary and am focusing on the “what suits”.

  17. What you said about feeling confident wearing them is the key. I would not be comfortable wearing any type of legging, & as someone else noted, have seen many women, young & old, wearing short tops & leggings that look more like tights than pants. This is not appropriate at any age.

  18. I have been on the fence about leather leggings for several years. I do have a few faux suede ones but never found a leather pair I liked. You’ve encouraged me to keep looking!

  19. I make sure I am properly covered in all my leggings and skinny pants…the results would not be good otherwise. Thanks Becky

  20. OK I’m torn on this one. Because I was about to type: I think I would’ve said don’t before I read your piece. But that’s not it. I think I just never would have thought about them until reading this… I love love love love love them!

  21. At our age we should wear what ever we want and feel good in….we have earned that right! I love legs and wear them all the time…jean leggings too…Just do it! As long as our butts are covered…LOL..

  22. I don’t have the leggings, but I do have a pair of faux leather skinnies. I absolutely love them! I feel like a rock chick when I wear them!

  23. I think that is how I feel when I wear the…at least I do feel younger! Thanks so much, Lori.

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