Functional Style for Time with Grandchildren

I am so excited to have all my grandchildren around this week…and just have some time off to enjoy each moment.  It will be tickles, play on the floor, and running around, so today’s style is more functional than stylish.

I picked up this Eileen Fisher sweater topper on sale a few agos at Dillards.  It is soft, warm, and completely functional for a day with little ones. With a neutral topper like this, I like to place a little saturated color underneath so today I went with the deep forrest green. It doesn’t make sense to wear necklaces and bracelets when staying around home with the kids, but this fun colorful pin adds a fun touch and a way to teach them about hummingbirds!  I picked this up last summer when Chicos had a one day sale and this was only $9.99.  It is also pretty with a maroon cape I have and a gray pencil skirt!

Do you ever pins?  I have been returning to them the last couple of years.  It can be a fun accessory.  I selected a few “functional” pieces below and they are all on sale!!

Thanks for stopping by…in a week where we concentrate on giving thanks, let me say how thankful I am for every one of you who read, comment, and give so much encouragement.

Keep Smiling!


  1. You always look so stylish! I am not to shy to say I usually live in PJ pants around the house. If I put on yoga pants my husband will laugh and say ‘oh we are wearing pants today?’. I do wear jeans, boots and a sweater when I leave the house though! No accessories beyond earrings if I remember. My style hasn’t changed much since high school in the early 80s.

  2. I use to be this way, Michele…so I understand. For me, I began to enjoy life more and get out and experience more when I started taking care of my appearance all the of time. I haven’t worn PJ pants in years. But, if you are happy and this works for you then I am glad …because I want you to Keep Smiling!

  3. I love the hummingbird pin! Pins are an item that I want to start incorporating more into my style so I am always on the lookout for a good pin! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family….I am in southern California where temps are expected to be around 90 Thanksgiving Day, yikes! Looks like I will be running the air conditioner as cooking turkey and hot flashes do not go well with temps in the 90’s!

  4. Alicia ,
    My daughter lives in Nashville as well. We are retiring to Nashville in 5-Years! Can’t wait.

  5. Love the outfit and pin, perfect for a day with the grands! I love scarves and pins to add color and pattern to outfits. I retired several years ago and after three years of jeans, tees, and tennies, I found myself feeling frumpy so I’ve been updating my wardrobe with more fitted slacks and tops and flats. I’m embracing being into me.

  6. I love to wear pins. But I generally don’t because I forget about them and they end up being washed in the washing machine.

  7. I always take it off first like my other jewelry…so far I have not washed one but I guess I can see where that might be a problem for some.

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