Fashion Over 50: Style Sweet Spot for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be a very special, crazy day full of lots of family and friends.  It is my favorite meal to cook and I really love playing hostess for a crowd.  But, it means I need to be comfortable and confident.So, I have decided to stick with this Eileen Fisher Silk Tunic, my Joan Vaas leggings, and this Chicos leopard wrap I received years ago for a blog post.  The necklace is also an older one from Chico’s.  And the flats are Aerosoles. I can move easily in this…carry a turkey, tickle a grandchild, or hug a neck and not feel stiff or worry about what I am wearing.  It actually feels more stylish than my denim would.

The above look is how I will dress for the meal and for dessert later.  But, in the kitchen I will look like this…

My husband brought this apron home last week and it thrilled me…Why?…because I am a collector of all things “SNOWMEN.”  It is perfect.  My new favorite accessory.  I think both looks hit my style sweet spot!

What are you going to wear for Thanksgiving?  Please share….
Keep Smiling!! 



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  1. Perfect outfit, looks comfortable, stylish and classy! Love the wrap. And your apron is the cutest! Way more fun than a plain one. I love to host big gatherings too, from planning to cooking to making it special! My family is coming between Christmas and New Years this year, so my Thanksgiving will be very low key. Leggings and a tunic top for me too! I love the E.F. one with the elbow sleeves!

    1. Great idea to do a big meal in between, Karen. The EF tunics which are my favorites have silk in them. I will wear them always…such a favorite. Thanks for stopping by each day!

  2. You look adorable, and that apron is just too cute. Thanksgiving attire is very casual at my house, not to mention that it will be close to 80 degrees here on that day. I’ll probably wear nice jeans or jeggings and a new tunic top from Chico’s. Love your wrap but it would be way too hot for me to wear, especially while cooking!

    1. I won’t wear the wrap while cooking, Karen. that’s why I modeled my apron. The wrap is for later after cooking is done! Your Chico’s outfit sounds perfect! Thanks.

    1. Oh yeah…no wrap in the kitchen…only work! I love this apron…I have a pumpkin one, but I am so ready for Christmas!

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