How Do You Look When Shopping?

My retail career consisted of a one year stint in a women’s boutique when I was the ripe age of 16, and, more recently six months in one of my favorite shops at the age of 63 Yep, bit of a time span there.  I wanted to do it for a little while to understand the retail world today and shopping decisions of ladies our age.  However, what really amazed me was how many women go shopping looking their worst.  Hair in baseball caps, no makeup, and sloppy athletic wear…please don’t take this personally if you are one of these.  I was once.  But, now I have come to understand the advantages of looking nice when I go out shopping.

First of all, if I am going to try clothing on for myself, it will help my confidence level and I get a better idea of the pieces if I have makeup on and fix my hair.  It also gives me a more joyful, fun outlook for my shopping experience.  Like it or not, salespeople do treat customers differently when they are looking nice.  I also have had great conversations with other women while shopping when I looked approachable.  It is possible to be comfortable and dressed well at the same time.

A nice pair of jeans works just as well as floppy sweat pants and looks so much better; a comfortable pair of shoes is a necessity and I am a fan of some of the great sneakers on the market now.  I always wear a shirt which is easy on easy off for trying on clothes…make sure you take time to try them on…or time to return them later.  I get warm while shopping, so a light trench or long sleeved top is about all I will take even when it is cold.  For some reason, retail stores seem to pump up the heat…which I do not understand at all!



We are beginning that shopping time of year and I for one love to get out in the crowd and relish the whole experience.  But, it is more fun when we put our best foot forward.  I even like to step into the coffee shop and sit with a peppermint latte and soak it all in.  That’s right…it can be so much fun.  Don’t avoid it completely…enjoy! ( If you wonder what is in the big Dillards bag at the top, they had the pillows that match my comforter on 40% off, so I went and grabbed three).

What do you like to wear while shopping?  Do you see there might be advantage to fixing up a bit, or are you not convinced…let us know what you think?



  1. I put effort into my appearance when I shop too. (Love the top you are wearing in the pictures here, is it lace?) I have found that I am taken more seriously by the sales staff, they approach right away and offer to set up a room. I think when you take the trouble to fix up, you are seen as a serious shopper, not just a browser, if that makes sense. And like you said, you want to always look your best when you look in a dressing room mirror. Somehow a baseball cap and a crappy bra doesn’t help if you are shopping for anything other than sweats! Shoes have to be comfortable, that’s a must. But there are plenty of nice options for that. And I’m with you on the easy on and off. I don’t wear anything with buttons when I shop! And oh, the Christmas shopping experience! For some really odd reason, I love the madness. Ducking into a coffee shop for a treat is a huge, huge part of the experience for me too! Usually I make a point of going out on Christmas Eve when people are at their most panicked just to people watch. My family tells me I’m crazy but I have fun (but only if my own shopping is finished!)

  2. You’re so right! The ladies who take effort with their appearance get treated with more respect and attention by sales staff. I won’t go shopping if I look a mess. My confidence would take a terrible beating! Not worth it.

  3. In addition, trying things on always goes easier if you’re wearing a good bra and proper shoes.

  4. I agree that taking the time to look your best when shopping pays off in so many ways. If I am doing an all day shopping trip that includes a lot of walking, I wear my Sketchers as they are the most comfortable. Outerwear depends on the weather. There are a lot of outdoor malls here in Indiana, & Christmas shopping can be very chilly. It’s always nice to take a break to warm up with a hot drink.

  5. Completely agree…the right bra makes a huge difference in the fit of the garment. Thanks Janice.

  6. I agree, Jennifer. I usually have to take time for returns if I do not feel on my game or confident when I shop. Thanks.

  7. It is a huge part of my experience also, Karen. I love to people watch and even hear the music. So much fun for me. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I agree that if I am well-dressed it shows that I am serious shopper and that I care about my appearance. And the sales staff pays attention to that — which is exactly what I want them to do. I want to look my best at all times!

  9. I couldn’t agree more, Pam! Dressing well boosts my confidence and it definitely results in better service. Like you, I love people watching and engaging with fellow shoppers as well as treating myself to a hot drink, usually a mocha or a London Fog.

  10. Hi Kate, This is my favorite trench coat and I purchased it a few years ago at Kohls. It is a Jennifer Lopez brand and it is very lightweight which is perfect for South Texas. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I think I see shopping as an experience and I know many who see it as a chore. I do know some who hate it. But, for me it is all part of the experience and I do love to get out. I sit enough at a computer during the day…Thanks Elaine…enjoy!

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