Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

I have a new friend who is a professional decorator in San Antonio, Cheri Stith, and she is amazing.  This is one of her busiest times and she and her partner, Jamie,  are like a little elves going from home to home leaving beauty behind.  I thought I would share with you her southwestern Thanksgiving table to spur some inspiration for Thursday.

She actually used a blanket for a tablecloth on this one and the deer horns are popular in Texas to add to holiday decor.

 I loved her use of the succulents on the table and how she brought the turquoise blues in with all the earthy hues we love so much this time of year.There were several sets of antique turkey salt and peppers…made me want to begin my own collection.These ideas are not expensive ones.  I bring a little of the outdoors in for my Thanksgiving table.  I will try to remember to take a picture this year.  Though I am cooking for over 15 people!  Hope this gave you a little inspiration for your own table.  If you are in San Antonio, consider calling Feathers Fluffs and Flings for your decorating needs.

Does anyone have ideas they would like to share??

Keep Smiling, Everyone!


  1. Just beautiful! There is so much to see here, and i especially like n the antique turkey salt and pepper shakers. When my sons were little, we’d gather pretty fall leaves to add to the table, just scattered around. It looked like we were eating outside, and they loved it! 15 people!! Good for you! Wonderful to have family around for special celebrations!

  2. I know…I love the vintage shakers. I am going to begin to watch for things like this in thrift stores. Thanks Jennifer

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