Monthly Style Tip for November

8 weeks!!  We know that will go quickly as the slide begins into the holiday season.  Christmas is only eight weeks away.   I think between now and New Year’s is the most fun time for dressing.  Even if we live on small town streets vs. main street, we still have occasions to look our best and have some fun with holiday fashion.My November tip is to remember the old What Not to Wear advice…dress with color, pattern, texture and shine to fashion a personal, interesting, fun outfit.  This ROZ & ALI KNIT TOPPER has wonderful texture and pattern which is not overwhelming…and the shine is in a fun necklace I purchased years ago at JC Penney’s.

Of course, this is my final style for column dressing this week.  Winter wear delivers so many interesting patterns and textures in the clothing and, of course, glorious color.  I would caution about the shine…try not to overdo.  We should have our clothing enter a room with us and not before.Remember, COLOR, PATTERN, TEXTURE, SHINE……

With that in mind…I made a few selections for your consideration!



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  1. Love the jacket and all the texture! While I am no fan of winter, I do like the clothing options and deeper colors! Such a quandary! Good advice about the “shine!” Can’t believe Christmas is only 8 weeks away……..yikes…

  2. Thank you…textures this time of year are fun. I wish you could send some cold my way.

  3. Really love winter clothing. All the textures and colors, the pretty scarves, gloves and hats add to the fun.

  4. Pamela,
    I enjoy your blog so very much, I never miss a post! I have especially enjoyed the past few days of your “column dressing.” I am 5’ 1.5 inches. I have a very large bust for my petite frame. I always appreciate tips for dressing to disguise or at least minimize this area. I appreciated your recent ideas on this topic. Please continue to offer smart dressing for those of us with more than we need! You are so very fun to follow! Thank you.

  5. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas!! I love that jacket on you Pam. Professional and chic looking. You’re so right to be cautious with wearing shiney things. I find they tend to accentuate facial wrinkles!

  6. Your pants are too short. They should stop at the top of the ankle. They make your legs look short.

  7. You are correct Trish that a longer pant makes us look longer and leaner. I photograph many outifts just as I wear them and living in South Texas, it is very hot here (yes, even now). Fortunately, all lengths of pants are acceptable right now in fashion and I like the shorter, cooler pant. But you are very correct in what you say about the eyeline and the pant. Thank you

  8. You are welcome, Mary Anne. I understand your frustration and often experience it myself. I really hope to help and inspire.

  9. I really appreciate your blog. Your smile brightens my day and your advice is very down to earth. Also, the clothing you wear doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, but always looks chic and becoming.

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