New Survey Results for Those with Overactive Bladders

I am being compensated by Astellas Pharma US, Inc. for this post; however, the opinions expressed here are my own.

I began to experience bladder issues after four pregnancies. It really is embarrassing and annoying at the same time. As I have aged, the urgency of the problem has increased. I must be near a restroom at all times, and rarely go through the night with just one visit.

But, I know now I am not alone and in fact, overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms are a problem for approximately 46 million American adults age 40 and older at least some of the time.1 We are not the best at sharing this problem with others. Women age 55+ are more likely to not confide in anyone when it comes to frequently visiting the bathroom to urinate.2 That’s why has been created. You can find lots of information about OAB, and even a quiz to help you understand OAB symptoms.

All you have to do is ask my co-workers, and they will confirm this is an issue for me! So, I was encouraged when I heard about the Stop Stalling® website which provides credible information and resources to help us understand the issue. The “Peehavior” survey (clever, right?) of 2,854 women conducted by Astellas provides insights as to how other women are dealing with the issue.2

For example, almost half of the women surveyed had used the men’s bathroom because the line for the women’s bathroom was too long. (Been there, done that.) Eighty six percent of women surveyed had peed somewhere other than a bathroom. Nineteen percent reported the most unusual place they peed was behind the bushes.2 Fortunately, I have not experienced this yet, but I completely understand the older I get, the more likely this could occur. But, I do know that many of you must plan your day around OAB and make certain you are near facilities.4


As I said before, I know it is embarrassing and comes with much anxiety.4 So, I encourage you to visit and to talk with your healthcare professional about what you are experiencing. I did and I am glad. It is something I must live with so I look for ways to make it more manageable… And I don’t let it get me down! Information is power. Also, knowing you are not alone is comforting.

I am being compensated by Astellas Pharma US, Inc. for this post; however, the opinions expressed here are my own.