Style Sweet Spot for Empty Nest Date Nights

We have finally joined the ranks of Empty Nesters!  Our youngest has officially moved out and started his career.  His bedroom is now becoming a guest room and everything seems to be new.  So, my husband and I go out to eat more…or to listen to music…or visit friends.  I like to look nice, but understated nice…not too fancy for quite evenings out.  I thought for the beginning of the week, I would show you a couple of styles I might select for such an evening.  Both have my favorite leggings on the bottom.  They are by Joan Vaas and, though they may be found at Neiman Marcus, I found mine at Mashalls…and love them!

The top is by IC Collection…one of my favorite brands and at my favorite local boutique, Andie & Barbara.  I have also selected some of their styles for your consideration below. (and there are plus size options). I am sure you know by now, I love metallics…especially brushed gold and bronze.  It just says evening to me..comfortable, stylish evening…all I need is a glass of wine! For the accessories, I doubled-up on my necklaces.  I have been doing this a lot lately and really like the look. I also liked a touch of bronze and brown with the black and gold.  When we go out in the evening, I usually carry a clutch…this is a snake print, leather clutch with leather flats.  This is something my husband likes, so it is a keeper for a night out.

What do you like to wear out for a date night, or even night out with friends??

Keep Smiling!!



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  1. What a beautiful jacket! This is a perfect look for a night out. I like the split sleeves. These are beautiful items you feature in the post and I’m going to spend time checking them out! When I go out with friends I like to dress up a little too. Typically that means dressy casual, but it’s a chance to wear things I don’t get to wear at work since we have to be more formal there. I love my casual things and look forward to wearing them when I go out.

  2. Hi Karen, This is actually a tunic. I’m with you that it is fun to have non-work items for our different lives. Life is short…we need to enjoy fixing up when we go out no matter who we are with. Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Very elegant and perfect for an evening out ! I find Joan Vaas at our Marshall’s too and am so excited when I do. Every once in awhile I will find an Eileen Fisher, but not very often!!! So enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Thanks, Jacqui. These leggings were $19 at Marshalls and I have worn them so many times. I highly recommend Joan Vaas and wish I could find EF at Marshalls! Good shopping!

  5. Love evertthing tou are showing, such a big help for this time in my life. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.!

  6. The metallic part of this jacket gives a overall appearance of it being a shorter look than I have see you post before. That shorter look is Very flattering and youthful for you. Nicely slimming,
    This outfit is a definite hit.

  7. Thank you , Joan. The design of the top is very slimming…one of the reasons I like it.

  8. Very nice! Love the metallics and accessories! I like a little more sparkle when I go out with my husband and friends. Actually, anytime!

  9. Me too! Anytime is fine…though I go a bit more conservation to work! Thanks for being here.

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