Sales, Capes, and Cooler Weather

We finally have some cooler weather and it’s Friday…both of those have me smiling!   I pulled out my leopard cape for today…I have owned  it for several years and it’s a good go-to look wiht my leggings.  I saw many women wearing a similar look, but with boots.  The temps were only in the 60s so I would’ve been too hot in boots.  This worked better for me.  One lady recently asked me if I was wearing white socks…ha ha…nope, these are my very white little legs!

The sales have already begun in a big way, but I was particularly enticed by items I saw in the Nordstrom’s Sale where many current styles are up to 40% off.  I found a few items you might like below.  Take a look and then tell us what your plans are for the weekend!

Happy Friday and Keep Smiling!



  1. Love your cape Pam! Capes are my go-to fall outerwear, so cozy yet stylish! Today I had to break out a winter coat – 27 degrees when I left for work this morning! I like how you styled yours with your leggings, and that necklace perfectly compliments the whole thing. When you look at the picture and imagine it without the necklace, you can see what an impact accessories have! We’re supposed to have a cold, gray weekend here, so I’ll be bundled up watching college football and working on a quilt I’m trying to finish for my son. It’s been a work in progress for (cough)30+ years, although for 20-some of those years it was packed in my cedar chest! I’m in the home stretch, so I’m thankful for a cold weekend to stay inside!

  2. Enjoy your time bundled up, Karen. I think it is so cool that you are making a quilt. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  3. You look great in that cape Pam. I just can’t embrace them yet. At work they’re too fly away-ish, same for home, and then when I’m outside it’s already too cold for just a cape. I’ll just smile at others in their cape. My weekend plans are to relax a bit, hit a craft show I love, Bible study with our small group, and family dinner Sunday.

    1. I hear you Amy. When we have colder weather with wind, I don’t wear the capes. We are in a warmer climate, so that is why they make more sense for our winters. Thanks for your comment!

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