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And it’s available for purchase in exactly the place we want

Always Discreet Boutique is innovation many of us, over 50 and beyond, have longed for. Maximum incontinence protection in a beautiful, feminine, full panty design which look and feels like real underwear.  My regular followers know I have been plagued with incontinence for over thirty years.  It was delivered to my body with the delivery of my first child.  After pregnancy number four, I decided to have the surgery to pull up my bladder.  Bad news is, it falls back down again!

So, I wear protection every day, for every occasion.  But, I know I am not alone.  One in three women experience bladder leaks1.  In fact, these statistics did not surprise me at all:

  1. Half of women say bladder leaks affect their personal confidence when they’re doing things they enjoy2
  2. The top types of social activities women who have stopped participating in because of their bladder leaks are dining out with friends (56%), exercise, running or fitness classes (44%), and romantic evenings/date nights (44%)2
  3. 52% of women who have tried bladder leak underwear say they’ve stopped participating in social events because of their bladder leaks2

I wear protection everywhere.  I do not want to experience the embarrassment of leakage when at the gym, work, social events, out with my husband and family…anywhere.  I also understand when women say they are not pleased with the options on the market.  I think a full panty option is what we all prefer.  Many have desired a smooth, pretty panty design for maximum coverage and for a great appearance whether wearing leggings, jeans, or a dress.  However, the options have left many of us feeling older and embarrassed.

Those statistics of how we feel about the options, are even more revealing:

  1. 77% of women say the idea of wearing bladder leak underwear makes them feel older than they would like to feel2
  2. 70% of women say that the idea of wearing bladder leak underwear makes them feel embarrassed2
  3. 61% of women say bladder leak underwear is unflattering2
  4. Younger women ages 18-34 avoid bladder leak underwear because they are embarrassing, older women ages 35-54 avoid wearing bladder leak underwear because they are too bulky2


So, the creators of Always Discreet Boutique listened to women…the women who desire an attractive, reliable product.  Women who are very active and need confidence in order to be visible, strong and joyful.  And we all know, confidence is empowering and sexy!  As a career woman in her 60s, confidence is a must for me to be successful as a magazine editor. I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn all about this product at a recent launch party in New York City. So excited, in fact, I ran to my local CVS to get my hands on some product right away. It was awesome to see the beautiful in-store display showcasing Always Discreet Boutique and really highlighting the unique black packaging. Let me tell you a little more about the product so you can run to your local CVS and see for yourself!



Here is what you need to know: Always Discreet Boutique is bladder leak underwear that looks flirty and fashionable, with stylish attention paid to every detail, including its beautiful and sleek packaging. Unlike the other options on the market, the product is made with silky-soft fabric and curve-hugging contours and an added bonus come in a rosé color with delicate lace prints. The design is inspired by current fashion industry and pantone trends, with a flowery pattern that goes from the front to the back on one side.

What really caught my attention is that the product was worked on by fashion designers, so now your can have AI underwear that is actually panty drawer-worthy and can be paired with a favorite bra with pride. No more walking down the AI isle with embarrassment or shame, especially at CVS where they have chosen to highlight the product in a truly unique and beautiful way. As an added bonus for my dedicated readers, CVS is now offering customers that purchase $20 in Always Discreet product $5 ExtraBucks! Also, there is a special $2 off coupon in most local papers – so what are you waiting for – run out and get yourself a pair today!!

On top of the beautiful, new design, Always Discreet Boutique also offers incredible-performing protection. Hidden inside is a super-absorbent core with unique RapidDry™ technology that absorbs leaks in seconds. The core looks super thin, however you’d be amazed at the amount of liquid it is able to hold and be dry instantly! Also, a super important feature for me is the OdorLock technology that helps neutralize odors instantly and continuously – we all know that dealing with odors throughout the day is a huge confidence killer but once again Always Discreet has our back to make sure we can feel fresh and confident all day long.

It is pretty, and available now at one of our favorite places, CVS.  Where I am from in South Texas, we have them almost on every corner and it is a go-to place to quickly pick up what is needed. If you don’t have time to run out, click here to purchase them online and easily have them delivered to your door!

I would like to encourage you to give it a try…I believe you will be pleased with the results.

Survey Methodology

1 Fem Care AI analysis – “Nielsen Homescan Panel ending March 2012 looking at Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no teenagers at home.”


2The Always Discreet Boutique Online Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research and surveyed a total of 803 Americans. There was a nationally representative sample group of 803 females aged 18 and older. The survey was implemented between the dates of August 11, 2017 through August 16, 2017.



Disclaimer:  I am part of an Influencer campaign for this brand with compensation; however, the opinions are my own.

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