Under Construction: Shades of Red

I love the color red…it is throughout my closet and my house.  But, the shade I prefer seems to always be under construction.  Some days I like the Christmas red…some days the brick reds…some days the orange reds…my preferences seem to always change..Red is such a great color to pop an outfit…you can see that here with the Santa hat up against the neutrals.  But I am not really sure why I change my feelings toward the shade so often…in fact some days the lighter reds just speak nothing to me at all.  If you were to ask my nail technician, Anna, she will tell you I like the darker, richer shades…and overall, I believe that to be true.I have a few lighter reds in my closet right now, but do not wear them often at all.  Do you have colors you struggle with what shade is your best?  Do you wear red?  If so, what shade do you prefer?  No matter the shade, I do love red!

Keep Smiling!!


  1. I know what you mean! I struggle like this with pink. I love pink, but can’t always pinpoint a shade that works for me. I love blush, but can’t have it near my face, so I use accessories for that. Hot pink seems to always work, but sometimes I feel silly in it. The shade that works best is the hardest to find, and one I’m currently on the hunt for. I’d call it raspberry, but lighter raspberry. Hard to describe, but I’d know if I saw it. So I know what you mean. Red I also love and whatever shade is fine with me, I like them all and feel they all work with neutrals. I love your poncho! You look like you’re ready for a Christmas party!

  2. I love all the shades of red. In my wardrobe I like it best as a pop of color in a top, sweater or scarf. Its my favorite color for my nails. It makes me feel happy. I like more saturated colors not pastels. Great outfit.

  3. Several years ago I had my colored done and found what I had known in a way all the time. I love red but not the reds that go to yellow but the ones that have blue in them, raspberry rather than cherry, they suit me better. I think you have to find the tones that go best with your skin tone, otherwise they overwhelm you or wash you out. But yes to red!

    1. It does help to do that…I had it done in a small way and it really helped me. I have the colors posted in my closet.

  4. I stumbled across this site, just have to say I love it!
    Red is my favorite color ever. I like the cooler shades of red and have several items of red clothing, shoes, household items as well. I love it all year long, but feel very special that Christmas.
    I have no sense of style so I am book marking your site for tips! Love it, please keep up the great work!
    Thanks fellow Texan-over 50….lol

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