I love the color red…it is throughout my closet and my house.  But, the shade I prefer seems to always be under construction.  Some days I like the Christmas red…some days the brick reds…some days the orange reds…my preferences seem to always change..Red is such a great color to pop an outfit…you can see that here with the Santa hat up against the neutrals.  But I am not really sure why I change my feelings toward the shade so often…in fact some days the lighter reds just speak nothing to me at all.  If you were to ask my nail technician, Anna, she will tell you I like the darker, richer shades…and overall, I believe that to be true.I have a few lighter reds in my closet right now, but do not wear them often at all.  Do you have colors you struggle with what shade is your best?  Do you wear red?  If so, what shade do you prefer?  No matter the shade, I do love red!

Keep Smiling!!

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