I sat down earlier tonight to write a very different type of post.  Recently, I interviewed six women from the ages of 59-74 and I asked all of them “What keeps you young at heart?”  The answers varied from rock n roll music to dressing well every day.  So I was going to write about their answers and discuss what makes me feel young at heart.  And then this happened….And I began to giggle like a little girl.  You need to understand…this is San Antonio, TX.  The last time it snowed here was in the 1980s.  The whole city is out tonight…laughing and playing.  I joined neighbors outside in the dark…looking up into big, beautiful flakes of snow.I have been watching snow on Hallmark Christmas movies for weeks now, and to have it here at Christmastime, is beyond amazing and fun!  So, for tonight I am very young at heart…”fairy tales do come true…it can happen to you…if you’re young at heart.”  Here is my granddaughter seeing her first snow…What keeps you young at heart right now?  Is there something which gives you joy and makes you giggle every  now and then?  Please share…and, of course,



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