And Then the Unexpected Happened…

I sat down earlier tonight to write a very different type of post.  Recently, I interviewed six women from the ages of 59-74 and I asked all of them “What keeps you young at heart?”  The answers varied from rock n roll music to dressing well every day.  So I was going to write about their answers and discuss what makes me feel young at heart.  And then this happened….And I began to giggle like a little girl.  You need to understand…this is San Antonio, TX.  The last time it snowed here was in the 1980s.  The whole city is out tonight…laughing and playing.  I joined neighbors outside in the dark…looking up into big, beautiful flakes of snow.I have been watching snow on Hallmark Christmas movies for weeks now, and to have it here at Christmastime, is beyond amazing and fun!  So, for tonight I am very young at heart…”fairy tales do come true…it can happen to you…if you’re young at heart.”  Here is my granddaughter seeing her first snow…What keeps you young at heart right now?  Is there something which gives you joy and makes you giggle every  now and then?  Please share…and, of course,




  1. This made me smile. About 10 years ago, we were in Switzerland in April and it snowed. Our students were so blase’ about it, but the kids from CA were so excited.

  2. How wonderful for you all! I can just imagine how exciting that was, and it had to be really fun to see everyone outside enjoying it! At times like that it’s best to scrap the plans and live in the moment!
    I really thought about your question, and I truly do feel young but don’t often consciously considered why. What keeps me young at heart is refusing to think of myself as old, yet being realistic about my age. My family, particularly my grandsons keep me young at heart. I remember so well being their ages and I make the effort to enter into their worlds, keeping pace with the times. They are teenagers now, but we still do fun things together and still play! Taking care of myself, watching what I eat without sacrificing the occasional fun indulgence, and being diligent about exercise. Staying current and having fun with fashion factors in also. I honestly feel many, many years younger than my actual age, so I’m very grateful for that. It’s our outlook I think, our willingness to keep learning and growing and trying, and being thankful for every day we are given!

  3. Oh what a wonderful story Pam! Having lived most of my life with snow and more snow and too much snow…the novelty has worn off! And finally we live where there is not much snow!
    I too feel so young; but why or how? I always have. I had a child late in life so that has most definitely helped me to feel young. She and I exchange clothes, ideas, laughs and I just know that contributes so much. And yes, staying fit is so very important. And generally being aware of the world in which we live: visual resources are so vital. Anyway, enjoy your holiday!

  4. That’s fantastic! Grandchildren are one of the things that keep me young at heart. We’re off to spend a few days with three of them tomorrow and we’ll be with the other two over Christmas. They’re all between the ages of 3 and 9, so lots of playing and fun in store for this Gram over the next few weeks!

  5. I live in Virginia and they are calling for us to get about three inches of snow after midnight tonight. I just returned from my local dry cleaners where there is a young man of about 20 who just moved here from Orlando. He has never seen snow before and the anticipation and wonder in his expression was priceless! He is beyond thrilled. It reminded me that we take so much for granted and sometimes forget to stop and just be in the present. That was a real Christmas gift to me from someone I don’t even know. Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Facebook was alive with pics from south TX yesterday. In Tyler, we had a few flurries. Surprised schools aren’t closed today! ? My attitude keeps me young

  7. As a lifelong Midwesterner who takes snow for granted, this post really made me smile. I’ve also made a resolution to more fully appreciate the beauty of our lakes and prairies when they are freshly frosted with a new fall of snow. Last night, I received a text and photo from my nephew in Austin. A Chicago native, he was clearly delighted to see his pup exploring snow for the first time. So here’s to each of us giving thanks for narure’s gifts…at this time of the year and always. Lovely post, Pam!

  8. Not thinking of myself as old, staying fit by going to class three days a week for a full hour, plus gardening and walking everywhere— these are the things that keep me young at heart.

  9. I don’t think of myself as old either, Susan. Feeling quite young these days. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It meant so much to us down here, Mary. I really think people were happier the day after! We all had our stories and pictures to share and it was like the world was painted with joy for one evening. If we can help you to appreciate yours, then that makes me smile.

  11. It melted so quickly today…except the snowmen, they are still around in yards throughout the city. And yes…our attitude is key to being young at heart!

  12. It was so special to me…to have it at this time of year and to be so constant and such big flakes. It was gorgeous…like a special gift from above.

  13. I have been smiling all day, Karen. What an amazing event for our city. Everyone was happy. Sounds like you have a good plan for being young at heart.

  14. Texas kids would have been excited too! We just do not get to see this often, so it is very special when it happens. Thanks!

  15. I know it was for us and just wish we saw it more often! Thanks for stopping by Diane.

  16. Love seeing littles watch snow for the first time! And so glad to see you embrace the weather!
    As to staying young, I think it’s about enjoying everything. And by doing so, connecting with those around you.

  17. so special! We only get snow a few times a year and actually had s beautiful white Christmas this year too!

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