Printed Pants, Turtlenecks, and Holiday Cheer

It turned out to be such an amazing week with the delivery of cold weather and our first significant snow in South Texas since the 1980s.  Eveyone I met Friday was in a fun, joyful mood after the Thursday snow event.  And the cold breezes just delivered holiday cheer to our doors.  I loved in the comments how some of you who see snow often were reminded to appreciate it as a gift…I know it gets old up north.  But for us, it was a night of magic.

As I promised, here is one more pant with a subtle print which becomes a neutral from far away.  These were also a past purchase at Soft Surroundings.  Remember, you can style them as a neutral…they go with anything!  I also like these because they can go uptown or home…casual or out to a party.I only own three turtlenecks and like the snow, I do not see them often.  But this soft creamy one is a favorite.  The next two weeks are super busy, but I plan to be here bringing you information and hopefully, inspiration.  But for now, let me share some of my favorite pictures from social media of our snow….and some gift ideas.



  1. You did get a lot of snow! The pictures are beautiful and I’ll try hard to appreciate it more. We haven’t had as much the past couple of years, but what gets old is the freezing cold! Another great pair of printed pants. I’m going to wear some today when we go to cut the Christmas tree! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Enjoy your weekend as well…have fun Christmas tree shopping! I am certain it would get old…I understand.

  2. The pictures were awesome. I live in Boston and as I’m writing this we’re getting our first snowfall. I’m 73 and I have to say, the first snowfall always makes me feel like a kid again. And I agree that the snow isn’t the problem, it’s the cold. I love snow. I’m so glad you got your share!

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I can see where the first snow of the season would be exciting, but that how it could also get old as winter tarried. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thee were so many fun shot on social media, that is was hard to narrow down which ones to share. It was a glorious night.

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