Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for December

I gave up Christmas sweaters fourteen years ago…and at that time, I was an avid participant often covered in bows, and bling. But, I haven’t given up the spirit of the season with my clothing…just toned it down a bit. This leads me to the monthly style tip for December.  Now, I add subtle touches, such as the star pin above. It originally came from Coldwater Creek, before they closed their stores.  I actually asked a sales girl to climb into the window to take it off a mannequin, because they were sold out in the stores. It was worth it…I wear it often this time of year.

This emerald green, sequined tank is also a good way to quietly bling some holiday magic. I also have a black one for the same purpose…to add a subtle touch.  I am someone who needs to control my urge to go over the top and I have learned new ways to do it since I turned fifty.  I want to be the chic grandmother in the room, so I learned a little less bling goes a long way.  Even my cat, Madeleine, has chosen to go with one simple accessory.

The style tip?  When you want to say Christmas or holidays, just say it with less.  There are ideas below.  (also, if you are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party, of course, pull out the gawdiest sweat shirt on the rack…and have fun!)

Keep Smiling!!


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  1. What beautiful examples of quietly festive clothing! Your sequin top is so pretty, love the color and it is just perfect with the white jacket. I completely agree with your idea of toning it down. Those sequin tops would also work well with jeans, don’t you think? It would be the perfect contrast! Your pin is so pretty! I miss the Coldwater Creek stores. Their current catalog offerings just aren’t the same. And what a precious kitty! She looks perfect (or is it purrfect!?) for the holidays!

  2. I actually love sequins with jeans. So much fun. I do not shop Coldwater Creek online at all. Thanks for stopping by Karen.

  3. I also gave up the crazy, silly Christmas sweaters of my “mom years,” but in the last year to two Talbots has introduced some Christmas sweaters that are quite conservative with more subtle designs that don’t scream Christmas. They also have some Christmas scarves that I pair with a red dress or black suit for business wear.

  4. Oh I just love that white jacket with the green sequin top!! What a beautiful combination! Those colors are wonderful on you, Pam. I love the idea of adding just a bit of bling with your pin. It’s festive and fun!

  5. The color of this top is one of my favorites, Beth. It is such a deep saturated green…I love it with white. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’m glad to see that velvet is in such fashion this year. I love my classic black velvet shirt. This year I am wearing if over a black lace top. I also purchased a blush color velvet tunic from Dillards. Hope to look festive this season.

  7. I bet that blush velvet is beautiful. I love velvet and it sounds like you are more than ready for the holiday parties.

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