Meet my neighbor, Mrs. Snow.  She and I both love black and white….perhaps, I love black a little more than she.  I know…most of you get it…that I really do love black.  And one of my favorite casual styles for women over 50 is just this…a black blazer, black knit top, blue denim, and fun shoes.This double-breasted winter wool blazer has a lot of texture to it and is perfect for this time of year.  I actually discovered it while thrift shopping almost ten years ago.  It is the boyfriend blazer cut which I prefer.  I often wear a style just like this for casual Friday.  The weather determines which of my black blazers I will wear.

I have a kick to my step for two reasons…first, it is Christmastime…and second, I am so in love with my shoes!  You will have to come back tomorrow to learn about my shoes and a special event.

Hope to see you then…remember, it is a great time of year to find sale prices on beautiful blazers for YOU!  I selected some for your consideration below.



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