It’s true there are women who fear going to a beauty department for several reasons:

  1. The beauty technicians will make them look too made up
  2. The beauty technicians will make them spend money they do not want to spend
  3. They will not learn anything new and it will be a waste of time

These are the reasons shared with me by friends and readers when I ask if they have ever been to a beauty department. Of course, the other half go by the counters often and love it. I confess it took me a long time to finally begin to go.   Not long after my 50th birthday, I was in Nordstrom during the late summer. They announced over the speaker for any teachers who wanted a makeover to come by the beauty department and get one. I thought, “Hmmm, why not?” I did not believe they would makeover a teacher to be too garish…and you know what, they didn’t. In fact, I had a great time and learned so much!  I do not think I spent a dime that day, but I did later.

A few years later, I worked for Soft Surroundings for six months to learn more about retail and to learn about the shopping decision-making process for other women over 50. That was when I discovered the secure, beautiful, intimate world of the Soft Surroundings beauty department. It is far less intimidating than a huge department store setting. In fact, you can call a store near to you, and make an appointment with the beauty consultant and go in for a fun time to ask all of your questions and learn to step out of your comfort zone (for me, that was into the world of purple eye shadow).

It is a great way to face your beauty counter fears, if you have them. I have also had fun at the department store counters for Bobbi Brown, YSL, and Guerlain. I always try something new and learn something new. Look to make note of when a major department store is having a beauty event…this is always a fun time to go in and usually you will come home with a goody bag of samples.  Soft Surroundings also has beauty events done by the brands they represent and again these are perfect for someone who doesn’t want a department store crowd.

Now, back to Soft Surroundings. One of my favorite make up brands there is Jane Iredale.   She formerly worked in the entertainment industry, where she discovered makeup was contributing to problem skin which threatened the careers of actresses and undermined the confidence of any woman.  So, she worked hard and began a mineral based makeup line which is cruelty-free, and part of a holistic approach to responsible, healthy beauty. She is one of the trustworthy brands creating products which are actually good for our skin. I use several of her makeup products daily and have included them in the slide show below….

However, I highly encourage those lucky enough to live where there is a Soft Surroundings store to make an appointment, and go in for the beauty consultation. You will not regret taking the time.

Does anyone here avoid beauty counters and would not mind sharing why?

Thanks for being here everyone…the comments lately have just been amazing. I love how we all learn from one another.



Disclaimer:  I have been provided a few samples and products from Soft Surroundings, but the words are my own.

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