These Rockport Boots Are Made For Walking

Before I met Rockport shoes, I would wear my favorite shoes until they literally wore out.  Now, I wear my favorite shoes and they don’t wear out.  In fact, all of my Rockport shoes (I think 10-12) pair still wear and look as if they are new.  I love these Black Cobb Hill Booties…you can see them in the slide show below.  They are a beautiful, leather boot with two zippers for easy-to-put-on and I have been wearing the short booties more in the last two years than my tall boots.

But, the best part is the comfort.  I have walked my neighborhood street in my Rockport booties and been just as comfortable as if I had on athletic shoes.  I have never been able to walk that far in comfort in another boot or bootie.  As always, I highly recommend the brand.

I have another good problem…I have lost a little weight and need new jeans.  These are a tad baggy. I will take that problem any day!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I just heard that song on the way into work this morning! 🙂 Congratulations on the baggy pants Pam! What a wonderful feeling that has to be! These are great booties, very nice looking and I believe you when you say they are comfortable. You have so many good things to say about the brand. Do you have any Clarks? If so, would they compare in any way to the Rockports?

    1. I do not have Clarks, Karen. I only know how comfortable all of my Rockport shoes are. They make my feet very happy! That is why I sing praises about the brand so often. Plus it is nice to have a comfort line with beautiful designs and not clunky. Thanks

  2. My Rockport Aira booties are life changing. I bought the forest green pair when they went on sale and loved them so much that when the brown and black pair recently went on sale I bought them as well. I think I can walk for miles in them and they are also so cute. Nordstrom’s has a blue pair I have my eye on but they are still at full price.

    1. You really can walk a mile in their booties and shoes. It amazes me how much more I can do during the say in my Rockports. Thanks Lynda.

  3. I have very wide feet and Cobb Hill is one of the few shoe brands that I can wear comfortably! I’m also hard on my feet and this brand holds up very well. Congrats on your weight loss, Pam! You are off to a great start this new year!!!

    1. Thanks Beth…so far, so good…I have a long way to go! And YES…Rockport’s Cobb Hill does hold up better than most I have tried.

  4. I have Munro booties and just love them. I know, they are definitely more pricey. But I can put an orthotic in them and walk for miles: something new to me! I’ve had one black pair for 3 seasons now and they hold up beautifully. They look very similar to the black pair here, so must look into Rockport!

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