Before I met Rockport shoes, I would wear my favorite shoes until they literally wore out.  Now, I wear my favorite shoes and they don’t wear out.  In fact, all of my Rockport shoes (I think 10-12) pair still wear and look as if they are new.  I love these Black Cobb Hill Booties…you can see them in the slide show below.  They are a beautiful, leather boot with two zippers for easy-to-put-on and I have been wearing the short booties more in the last two years than my tall boots.

But, the best part is the comfort.  I have walked my neighborhood street in my Rockport booties and been just as comfortable as if I had on athletic shoes.  I have never been able to walk that far in comfort in another boot or bootie.  As always, I highly recommend the brand.

I have another good problem…I have lost a little weight and need new jeans.  These are a tad baggy. I will take that problem any day!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.

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