Recently, a woman at an event was staring at me…closely.. and it.made me a little nervous! I gave her a questioning look back and she said, “are you wearing purple eye shadow?”  I have written before about my eye routine…a base of Bobbi Brown Suede Shadow with a deep purple ( Jane Iredale) in the crease and finally purple eye liner (Bobbie Brown). I do pump up my eyes since I wear glasses all of the time.  Purple makes my hazel eyes green…and I love it. But, apparently I should have looked like this…

She went on to say that beauty rules stated women of a certain age should not wear colored eye shadow…and very little eye makeup.  She seemed to only be wearing a touch of mascara.  She asked me if I was going to discontinue the shadow as I aged.

I wasn’t sure if I should leave the event at that moment…a tainted woman.  But, I told her I believed it was a personal choice and I felt like it was appropriate and not too flamboyant though I am in my sixties (which surprised her…and that made me happy).  I think we all know when the time is right to retire a fashion or beauty choice…such as, I knew when it was time for stilletos to no longer be in my closet.  It is only important for us to look and feel our best …no matter how we decide to do it.  Please don’t stare at someone who is dressed or made up a certain way.  It’s freaky!

How do you feel about darker eye shadow on older women?  Is it a rule to take seriously or throw out the window?

Come back tomorrow when we talk more about beauty!!



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