When the Week Goes Awry, The Tough Go Shopping

Wow…this week went a completely different direction than I first planned.  Yes, I am a planner…I write down each day, what I plan for that day, and when the road goes somewhere else, it drives me a little nuts.  Trouble with my blog began early in the week and took a team of incredible people working on it from the web designer, to the host company, to my local blog friends, to finally my son.  He suggested switching browsers and lo and behold, that helped!!  My gym had to shut down for 24 hours due to an issue and threw off my weight training workouts.  I thought one of the magazines I edit was ready for the printer, only to be told an article had to completely be re-worked…and quickly.  So, to say I am happy to see Friday show up, is an understatement!  You guys are the best!  Some of you sent messages of understanding and assured me you would be here when I returned…that assurance meant the world, because I was panicking…just a little…ok, just a lot!

So,, to relieve some of the stress, I headed right for “retail therapy.”  Some days it is critical for state of mind.  I am not showing you what I purchased just yet…that will be for another post another day.  However, as I was shopping I was reminded of the really good deals there are right now at places like Nordstrom Rack,  Last Call (Neiman Marcus), and Off 5th (Saks 5th Ave).  I am wearing a cardigan I purchased a couple of years ago at Nordstrom Rack for $17 around this time of year.  These stores will so often have top brands for amazing prices.  Don’t stay away because you assume everything there is super expensive.

This necklace is a past purchase from Chicos…one of the best places for accessories!  If you also need a little retail lift, it is a good time of year to find some really great deals.  Now, what we have looking ahead…if the site does not go awry again…is the following

Would You Wear It will be back Saturday

Next week there will be fashion, beauty, fun shoes, and a new feature called NEWS TO MAKE YOU SMILE!  It has been a really tough week, but despite all of that…I promise to


How was your week?????


  1. Whew! What a week you had! Retail therapy works wonders and I’m anxious to see what you picked out. Love your cardigan and that necklace! This is definitely the time for good deals as they make way for spring! That cardigan has beautiful colors and the top you are wearing underneath with the pleat looks pretty too! I’m always so glad when Friday comes and a few days off are ahead of me! My weeks often pass in a blur of meetings and deadlines and weekends are MOST welcome!! Looking forward to ‘Would You Wear It!”

    1. Thanks so much Karen! I am just re-focusing and beginning again! It was a frustrating week…I realize there are women who face far more challenges than this. So my whining is over and my hopeful expectations for next week have begun. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I was at Chico’s yesterday going through the on sale items…always so much fun. But let me tell you…then new clothing they have out right now is awesome…bought one from each! Thanks Debbie!

  2. So happy things are back on track for you, Pam! And the outfit you are wearing is fabulous! Love everything about it!

  3. Pam,
    Glad you’re back! I missed you. I’m glad you can put the week behind you. You are blessed to have an excellent support system and a wonderful attitude. Enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend!

    My Best,

    1. Aww…so sweet, Martha. I was going nuts thinking something was really serious and I would be down longer. Glad to here on a Friday evening. Happy weekend!

  4. Lovely outfit, Pam, and it suits you so well. Glad to hear your ‘interesting’ week is finally over. New beginning on Monday !!

  5. Sometimes you just have to let a week like this play out and move one. Who hasn’t had these. Retail therapy is the best medicine and I’m glad to took that “pill”. I have two son-in-laws who are computer geeks and if they think I’m high maintenance they never say it. Clearly it would not be in their best interest (LOL), but they are very patient with me. One time my computer drove me to tears and my son-in-law drove to my house immediately. “Technology keeps us humble.”

    1. Technology does keep us humble, Nina! My son was very sweet when he helped at the end of it. Hopefully, next week will be better.

  6. Computer issues send me right over the edge! Mostly because I am not as saavy as I could be where technology is concerned. Glad you are back and survived a trying week — and you would never know it by your cheerful smile! Looking forward to seeing your new purchases!

    1. Thanks Beth…that cheerful smile has not been around a lot this week…but I always try to make sure it returns! Happy weekend!

  7. Welcome back! Even though I am retired, I am still somewhat schedule driven, so I can commiserate. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some retail therapy. Enjoy your well deserved weekend.

  8. It happens far too often in my life! I destress with retail therapy too. We need some self-care in this crazy world! Love what you are wearing! I’m a big fan of Chico’s and colour. I’m looking forward to more of your posts and a good news feature. We need some!

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