Wow…this week went a completely different direction than I first planned.  Yes, I am a planner…I write down each day, what I plan for that day, and when the road goes somewhere else, it drives me a little nuts.  Trouble with my blog began early in the week and took a team of incredible people working on it from the web designer, to the host company, to my local blog friends, to finally my son.  He suggested switching browsers and lo and behold, that helped!!  My gym had to shut down for 24 hours due to an issue and threw off my weight training workouts.  I thought one of the magazines I edit was ready for the printer, only to be told an article had to completely be re-worked…and quickly.  So, to say I am happy to see Friday show up, is an understatement!  You guys are the best!  Some of you sent messages of understanding and assured me you would be here when I returned…that assurance meant the world, because I was panicking…just a little…ok, just a lot!

So,, to relieve some of the stress, I headed right for “retail therapy.”  Some days it is critical for state of mind.  I am not showing you what I purchased just yet…that will be for another post another day.  However, as I was shopping I was reminded of the really good deals there are right now at places like Nordstrom Rack,  Last Call (Neiman Marcus), and Off 5th (Saks 5th Ave).  I am wearing a cardigan I purchased a couple of years ago at Nordstrom Rack for $17 around this time of year.  These stores will so often have top brands for amazing prices.  Don’t stay away because you assume everything there is super expensive.

This necklace is a past purchase from Chicos…one of the best places for accessories!  If you also need a little retail lift, it is a good time of year to find some really great deals.  Now, what we have looking ahead…if the site does not go awry again…is the following

Would You Wear It will be back Saturday

Next week there will be fashion, beauty, fun shoes, and a new feature called NEWS TO MAKE YOU SMILE!  It has been a really tough week, but despite all of that…I promise to


How was your week?????

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