It is that really fun time of year, when we are surrounded by clearance sales and there are so many great finds out there.  But, I know it is easy to get carried away, so I wanted to offer a few tips you might consider for your shopping this year.

  1.  Look for special details like I found on the sleeve of this jacket from Chico’s above.  It became more than another black jacket with the cool sleeve detail.

2.  Look at accessories in a new way.  I have not worn pins often…until lately…and I really like them.  This little bug is from Talbots and was a Christmas gift.  So, I have purchased a few pins in the sales.  Perhaps there is an accessory you would like to were more of and currently do not own many.

3.  Check out HERE what the Pantone colors are for Spring 2018, and see the color of the year, Ultra Violet.  My favorites are:

You will see the Pantone Colors of the year in all of the retailers soon.  So, I always look for them on the sales rack to take me into spring feeling current and fresh.

4. Always shop when you have time to try items on and are not rushed.  You cannot make good decisions about fit, color, style, or how it goes with your other clothing without having time.

5.  Finally, always ask yourself what adjectives you want to communicate with your clothing…and when you look into the dressing room mirror, ask, “What does this say about me?”

I hope these will help, and I also selected some items below for you to consider in the sales.  It’s like a treasure hunt…be positive about the experience and don’t let it cause frustration.

Does anyone else have a tip they would like to share?


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