Fashion Over 50: Shopping Tips for Clearance Sales

It is that really fun time of year, when we are surrounded by clearance sales and there are so many great finds out there.  But, I know it is easy to get carried away, so I wanted to offer a few tips you might consider for your shopping this year.

  1.  Look for special details like I found on the sleeve of this jacket from Chico’s above.  It became more than another black jacket with the cool sleeve detail.

2.  Look at accessories in a new way.  I have not worn pins often…until lately…and I really like them.  This little bug is from Talbots and was a Christmas gift.  So, I have purchased a few pins in the sales.  Perhaps there is an accessory you would like to were more of and currently do not own many.

3.  Check out HERE what the Pantone colors are for Spring 2018, and see the color of the year, Ultra Violet.  My favorites are:

You will see the Pantone Colors of the year in all of the retailers soon.  So, I always look for them on the sales rack to take me into spring feeling current and fresh.

4. Always shop when you have time to try items on and are not rushed.  You cannot make good decisions about fit, color, style, or how it goes with your other clothing without having time.

5.  Finally, always ask yourself what adjectives you want to communicate with your clothing…and when you look into the dressing room mirror, ask, “What does this say about me?”

I hope these will help, and I also selected some items below for you to consider in the sales.  It’s like a treasure hunt…be positive about the experience and don’t let it cause frustration.

Does anyone else have a tip they would like to share?



  1. I did not own anything like this jacket…it was priced to move..and it went to well with the brooch..that is why I went for it. Thanks Jennifer!

  2. I have a variety of pins that I wore when I was working. Now that I’m retired I forget about them, but after reading your post I will try to remember to wear them more. I have some very unique pins and was always complimented when I wore them. I have purchased some in Europe and museums.

  3. I have started wearing pins (or brooches as I know them by) on clothing and hats. I have quite a few hats that have just sat on a shelf for ages, so I have started to wear those too. It’s very difficult to be objective with sales, and only buy if you really like it and it suits you.

  4. Good for you wearing the hats, Polly! Life is too short to leave them on the shelf. I try to be very purposeful and take my time with sales. Thanks for your comment.

  5. You should wear them, Barbara. They look lovely on sweaters and ponchos and cardigans…well, just about everything. I bet you have a wonderful collection.

  6. Love your comments especially to take your time when shopping. At sales it is very important to love the item as well as the price. If it isn’t for you do not buy it. Also wear make up and the proper clothes to try on items.

  7. I am someone who is really, really an easy ‘target’ for sales season! Meaning: I have bought, in my time, far too many MarkDowns because, Gee, they were so inexpensive at the time of sale! A high percentage of these just hung in my closest, though, or were folded away, because although they were such a ‘good deal’: I was not that crazy about how I looked in them. At age 69 yrs, I no longer do this! I try on sales/mark down items, and give myself an honest look. The question I ask myself is: Would I like this and purchase it enthusiastically if it were full price? If the answer is “No”, then I do not make the sales purchase. I have broken myself of NOT being able to resist good deals, simply because they are marked way down. This method has served me very well for the last couple of years now….

  8. I’ve discovered that great fit and comfort will always make for great investments. If I feel great in a dress– it fits well, it highlights my assets without drawing attention to my post-50 liabilities, it’s comfortable, and it makes me feel pretty, then that’s a great buy that checks off all my boxes.

    Most of the time for me that means updated basics, like the brown cashmere sweater tunic I found this weekend in a consignment store. It’s an updated shape and comfy style that fit great and made me feel attractive.

    Once in a while I’ll splurge on an affordable version of a season trend, but as an accent only. For this gal, one cold shoulder knit top is more than enough, thank you. I’ll wear it come spring, then pass it along once the trend is over.

    Buying an outfit that requires you to wear shape wear is just not worth it at any price, no matter the discount! Comfort and fit can be fashionable, you just be to be choosy. Thanks for all the great ideas, Pamela! I’m going to dig out some pins I’ve forgotten I have now and start wearing them again, thanks to your post.

  9. Thanks so much Suzanne! I also was slow to come around and now take much greater care with my sale shopping.

  10. A resounding yes to your comment, Nancy. We should always look our best when shopping!

  11. I have many pins and broaches as I’ve loved them for years. In order to remember to wear them, I bought a gorgeous peacock feather wreath and stuck the pins directly into its styrofoam base. It looks GORGEOUS and I always remember to wear one!

  12. What an amazing idea…I love it. Thanks for sharing Rebecca. I bet it is beautiful.

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