Your Opinion Welcome – Would You Wear It?

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is warm and cozy this morning.  Today marks the return of a feature I started a few years ago called WOULD YOU WEAR IT.  Here is how it works…

I take pictures of mannequins around town…sometimes I hate the looks, sometimes I love the looks, but I do not give my opinion

I ask you to give your opinion…would you wear it and explain why or why not.  Please do not just write yes or no

This is how we learn from one another and also how we send messages to the retailers as to what women over 50 want to wear.

So, please look at this photo and tell us…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?



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  1. Yes I would wear it. It is fun and unexpected. I will soon be 63 and was raised up in the generation where everything had to match and you never mixed patterns. Your lipstick must match your nail polish. Your shoes and purse must match. You never wore white after Labor Day or before Easter. Even your underwear must match. But now, even though I am still “old school” in a lot of ways, I do enjoy breaking all the old fashion rules and wearing what I want to when I want to. I see this outfit paired up with some cute bangles, booties, and maybe a cute furry vest.

    1. I like the outfit — the mix of patterns and colors but I wouldn’t wear it because I’m now at that age where a pencil skirt is not flattering. Pencil skirts ride up when seated and I’m not comfortable with showing my knees. Perhaps if I were in better shape…

  2. Yes! I would wear it, I love this outfit! The length of the skirt Is perfect, the top adds some playfulness, and of course, I love tights…. a quick, fun, accessible look!

  3. I most definitely would wear it! It’s cute and fun and looks comfortable. I’d prefer the skirt a little shorter as I’m height challenged. I love when I see a look put together that I can just copy and move on. Each piece individually is a classic style and could be put with other basics or other fun pieces. Thanks for posting!

    1. And thank you for commenting. I think one of the reasons I like to photograph mannequins is to get ideas for how to style looks just like you are saying here, Kristy.

  4. Yes, I would wear this style. I love the mix prints. It’s different and unexpected and both pieces are chic.

  5. I have nowhere to go in that outfit but if I did it’s a definite yes. Love the sweater. My kind of lines. I’d shorten that skirt an inch or two though 🙂

  6. Yes, I would wear this. I would definitely wear the tights as I don’t like to show my legs. I love the colors and mix of patterns. As mentioned above, I see the versatility of the pieces.

  7. Pamela, I love this Look and I would absolutely wear it with pearls of course❤️?

    May I ask where i might find this?

    Happy New Year Pam

  8. Great outfit – would love to wear the sweater, but NEVER wear skirts (a holdover from working days!). This would look (sweater) great w/pair of charcoal slacks.

  9. Yes, I would wear it. The colors coordinate. That makes the different patters fun rather than disturbing. Plus I am 71 years old and 5’ 10” and could handel the break of top and bottom.

  10. Absolutely! It is fresh and modern and has a clean silhouette. The polka dots and windowpane are classic prints. Together they seem effortless. Love the tights and overall look.

  11. I would wear it and add a stripe black and white shirt under the sweater! I love mixing prints, it looks youthful to me…

  12. Yes I would wear it. It is a great way to mix prints. The pale neutral colored top adds such fun with the polka dots. Love it!!

  13. I would have to step out of my comfort zone to wear the patterned sweater, but if I could summon the courage I would definitely wear that outfit. Super cute.
    Love the mix of patterns; the tights are a must.

  14. I love it! Would look great with short booties and a leather moto jacket,a mix of ladylike and edgy. Great for night out in city!

  15. No, I would not! This ensemble reminds me of wearing pencil skirts & sweaters in the 50s/60s?? If I did wear the sweater it would have to be a burgundy or magenta hue. Not wearing skirts or dresses anymore (been there &
    done that, lol)….

  16. Here’s my perspective. This outfit is way too bland for me. Wearing the sweater with a stripe or colorful, print blouse under it, as someone suggested, would definitely up its “wow” factor. In my book, I’m 72, women of my age need to add color near the face to “brighten” our skin tones. I have “beige” hair, and gave up enhancing its shade ten years ago; I am perfecting happy with its current color. Pat Morgan

  17. I would not wear it. I like the skirt. It looks more gray than black on my monitor, so in gray I would wear it. I don’t like the polka dots or buttons on the sweater. Maybe the same color sweater with an interesting collar. And definitely in petite length for both.

  18. No. I like the look on some one taller. I’m 5’3. The skirt and tights are great. Might wear boots and a shorter sweater. The leangth hits the mid zone and may not be flattering for all body types

  19. I like the outfit but for me the balance is off. I would add a scarf with those colors and and some brighter ones to balance the dark bottom half of the outfit.

  20. I think the outfit is very pretty but I wouldn’t wear it. I don’t wear skirts, but I would consider it if the bottom were pants. The band on the sweater would hit me in a bad spot. I think a v neck is more flattering on most women. This outfit would look great on some of my friends, though!

  21. Yes, I would wear it, I like the pattern mix, l gravitate toward geometric rather than floral prints. Would look even more fashionable with a bright scarf near the face. Repete that color in a cluster of black & colored bangles, black booties.

  22. Nay sayer here. I would never wear this because I like a column of colour. I do however where a pair of trousers in a pattern of the skirt with a charcoal V neck and white shirt underneath and it looks in my view perfect. But it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same things

  23. The combination is fun and appealing. I don’t know if I’d wear it or not. I would have to try it on to see if it worked for me, and, being retired, I rarely wear skirts or dresses anymore unless it’s a special occasion.

  24. I think it’s a cute outfit, but being retired I don’t wear skirts any more. I also prefer longer sweaters for more coverage. But I love the pink and have no problem mixing patterns.

  25. I like this outfit but not for me. I like bright colours and rarely wear a pencil skirt. As I am retired I like to add a bit of unexpected fun to my outfits and match my glasses to my clothes. This outfit is too conservative for my lifestyle.

  26. No. Mannequins are size 2. Everything looks ok on a skinny size 2. This will look clownish on a “real” body.

  27. I love it. I would triple check where the dots fall on the sweater. Don’t want to exaggerate the headlights. The tights are perfect for winter and, though it has been literally years since I wore a skirt (hey — I’m retired and live at the beach,) I would probably try to find a place to wear the outfit. Love this feature Pamela!

  28. I love the mix of patterns and I would definitely try it! Not sure if it would look good on me, but I do like the look. Thanks, Pam, for this fun and creative feature! I think it helps us try new looks and gets us out of our comfort zones!

  29. I like the outfit. I don’t often wear skirts anymore, & pencil skirts are not particularly flattering on me, but I think it is a great office look.

  30. The mix of patterns appeals to me, but I wouldn’t wear it. I prefer more open neckline and color further away from a fleshtone near my face.

  31. I really like this outfit. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it is on the gray side and this outfit would perk up the day. I would wear it and the pieces would go well with other tops or slacks.

  32. I would not wear it, as shown. I love the individual pieces though. I like pattern mixing, but these are too similar inoattern size and just look kinda of “off”:

  33. No, I would not wear it. I don’t like the top at all and especially with a windowpane pencil skirt. A cute cami with a black belt with a blazer is more my style.

  34. I wouldn’t wear it. I sort of like it, but not crazy about mixed patterns on top of one another. I too, as another posted, am from the old school and I think the old school rules are classic, stylish and never out of style. A lot of stuff “breaking the rules” is just for the clothing manufacturers to sell more. I can see “breaking the rules’ on wearing white a little before Easter and a little after Labor Day. But that came out of necessity. The streets of New York City, etc., where the fashion rules emerged were at first for practical reasons. Wearing white during the snowy or rainy months, can just about guarantee mud or dirt showing on your clothes. Wearing several patterns at once, to break the rules, just leaves the eye of the beholder no place to rest their eyes. They won’t know where to look first.

      1. I should have mentioned that this example you posted, was not an obnoxious pattern on pattern, it is simple and easy. For me, when I mix a couple of patterns, they are never laying on top of one another, there is a solid breaking them up.

  35. Yes, I would wear it. I too was brought with the “every thing must match”.
    But though I still find it hard to wear two different patterns, this looks great because the sweater doesn’t have a busy pattern like the skirt does.

  36. Yes I would wear it. Pencil skirts are a good option and the pattern is subdued and dark. The sweater is lovely in pink which is a nice cheery color and playful with polka dots which I am partial to. I like the size of the dots also. Good coverage for someone of my age 62 yet a youthful vibe. I think it stunning.

  37. When I lose the weight I am on my way to losing I would wear it. I like the patterns together and the style of the clothes. I especially like the top.

  38. I love the “idea” of the outfit – but would want the sweater in a more vibrant colour, like fuschia, for example (my hair is grey so the pale pink would wash me out). I would switch out the pencil skirt for a shorter A-line, but keep the windowpane check and tights.

    I also liked the suggestions of adding a scarf and/or a moto jacket from other posters.

    Love this feature!

  39. Hi Pam! I just love your blog! You remind me of one of my friends that I’ve had forever! So if you were my friend and we were out shopping and she asked me if I’d wear that outfit, I would say… “Good Lord, NO!” I’m almost 60, 5’10, with white hair (…think Paula Deen!) I’d look so pale and washed out in that thing – not to mention I have not work skirts in 30 years!!! Just not my thing.;)

  40. I would wear it but for me I think it needs perhaps a solid scarf, or cowl? It is cute but seems a little unfinished to me

  41. I am not a fan. Pale pink is not flattering to my coloring and the sweater and skirt are a tad too long. Crew necks do not suit my big bust. I like the outfit, just not for me. I agree with others, it needs a scarf to pull both pieces together.

  42. I love the skirt and stockings, but not matched with the top. The skirt and hose are business dressy but the top is more suited, I think, to jeans. To be honest, the top doesn’t look like very good quality and I doubt it would wear well over time.

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