Reinvention Over 50 Tip: Invest In Yourself 

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I am so grateful for all of the strong women in my life.  I have several who I can go to for wise counsel and a listening ear., and who have given me the best tips during my reinvention. There was a time last year when I was struggling to make some decisions.   With my new job so encompassing, I pondered if I should keep this blog going or not.

So, I asked one of these women to go to lunch and I poured out my heart and work history to her since the reinvention.  She listened and asked questions and then looked at me and said, “You need to invest in yourself.” She believed all the work I have done since 2010 was going in a good direction and had the potential to go even further. She pointed out that in my conversation I mentioned all the things I needed to do for others, but little I did for myself. She noted how I brightened up and got so excited when I talked about the blog.  She simply said…invest in yourself.  So, I left that lunch, hired a web designer, purchased a new camera….and invested in the blog.  I have not regretted that decision at all.

I ask you today…do you need to invest in yourself this year?  There are many ways we can do that…

  1. Continuing Education – classes to increase our skills and knowledge
  2. Upgrading your technology – it may be important if you are working in fields which need technology
  3. Travel – perhaps investing in yourself is broadening your territories, by visiting new ones
  4. Upgrading your wardrobe – you may feel like it is time for a different look…or time to leave frumpy style behind!
  5. Join a gym – I first walked into a gym for myself at age 60! And I am so glad I did.  I usually go five days a week.
  6. Join a club or cause where you can meet some new like-minded people
  7. Have a spa day! I did this in the fall…it was amazing!
  8. Or get a manicure (like I just did) with a beautiful shade of gray!

These are just a few ideas…there are many ways to invest in yourself.  It is another way to say I MATTER.

What have you done lately to invest in yourself?

I was so cold during this photo shoot that all I could do was laugh.  The wind chill factor was 19…which for us in South Texas is bone chilling…I know many of you have gone through worse this week.

I invested in myself two years ago with this Neiman Marcus Exclusive coat, which was on a deep summer clearance.  I did not get to wear it last year, because the winter was really warm.  Not so this year, so far the cool winds are blowing.  After Christmas Sales are a great time to treat yourself on items you normally might not be able to justify purchasing…check out some of these garments….

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  1. Thanks so much, Susan. It really was the best advice I got last year, and I am so glad I decided to heed the advice. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Pam and Happy New Year! What a thought-provoking post today. You’ve given me lots of ideas for 2018. I so enjoy your blog and learn so much. Thank you and looking forward to the year ahead.

  3. Thank you, Beth. I hope all of the ideas help as you face a new year with so many opportunities! Thanks for being here.

  4. I don’t really invest in myself regularly, so this is going to require some thinking and planning for this brand new year. I’m one of those doing for others, or just showing up to an unfulfilling job day after day, so I’m really going to put some thought into this. It’s kind of exciting actually, and might take me in a new and much-needed direction. Thank you for your thoughts on this topic!

  5. The last picture is the best and not just because of the great NM coat. Your face glows from laughter. Thank you for reminding us again that we ARE worthy!

  6. Great Blog Pam!! So awesome to be doing what you love……which you share with others……❤️ God blesses others even while He reveals to us…”The desires of our heart”??❤️

  7. I am so glad that you decided to continue the blog. I enjoy reading your posts, & you have lifted me up a few times when I was ready to throw in the towel & let the frumpiness win.

  8. Don’t throw in the towel, Becky! We can all do this together and have fun with it. I am so glad you are here and thanks for the encouragement.

  9. I love your blog! It is so uplifting and fun to read. Thank you for continuing it! It makings getting older not so bad after all.

  10. Thank you for continuing to encourage your followers. I have been inspired by your blog, and I am going to work on myself in 2018. I have been planning to get a manicure for about a year, and never make the time to do something special for myself. I may take very small steps, but a manicure will be my goal for January.

  11. THanks Kathy! It really isn’t that bad and going to happen no matter what, so we might as well enjoy it!

  12. That’s a great goal. I started going just two years ago on a regular basis and I am so glad to have my nails always look healthy and pretty. Pick a fun color when you go!

  13. Oh, Pam, this is such a timely reminder! The idea of investing in ourselves can seem selfish, but it’s so essential. After a very busy Christmas season investing in family (particularly my 94 year old father who lives a long distance away) and a stressful time investing in an organization that presently feels like a sinking ship, I need to do some investing in myself! My wardrobe is in good shape, so I won’t be buying anything new, and I do exercise regularly, but I will be looking for some other ways to remind myself that I MATTER!

  14. Let us know when you decide how you will do it, Elaine. Thanks for the encouragement.

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