One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the past fifteen years is a reinvention is not just about our hair, makeup and clothing, but is a journey of balance between all aspects of our lives.  Caring for our health is one of the largest components of taking care of ourselves from the inside out.

When I began to turn my life around at age 50, I was not caring for my health at all.  So, at the same time I was focusing on the outside, I had to begin to include the inside as well.  It has been a journey of baby steps and of finally doing things I wish I had done in my thirties.  But, living in regrets is not productive so I try to always move forward and not think about what I should have done at a younger age.

Many of you know, it would not be until my very late fifties when I finally entered a gym for me and not to watch my children performing a sport.  Since age sixty, I have done three bone scans and the results in favor of my strength training (weight lifting) class have been amazing.  I am currently off medication for my bones, because the strength training has worked so well.  I go to a special class called WOW…women on weights…twice a week.

Before you pat me on the back, let me confess to you that I have resisted the FitBit ever since it hit the market.  My husband loves to see his steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and is encouraged daily by the stats.  I only saw it as one more thing to tell me what I am doing wrong…I know, I had a warped view of it. I told him I didn’t need my mother on my wrist.  But, I reached a point recently where I consented to give it a try.

This FitBit has only been in my life a short time, and, I am actually beginning to like the little person who jumps up and down when I achieve the small goals, and the fireworks when I hit the big one.   I work two jobs (editor and blogger) which both require great amounts of sitting!  So, I do like to have this reminder to get up and MOVE.  The FitBit does not allow me to sit for long periods without gentle prodding to take those steps.  Perhaps it is not like my nagging mother was after all, but more like a helpful coach.

So, I will let you know how my love/hate relationship with my FitBit goes.  I hope it will help with my stress levels during the day…if I walk around, rather than crunch on something, it should help my weight situation.

But, I will also be transparent and share with you the good, the bad and the ugly about my recent blood tests and what I hope to do about turning some things around.  Watch for that post to come.

Any FitBit stories you would like to share?  All encouragement welcome!


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