What I Bought at the Chicos Sale – Look #1

As promised, here is the first garment I recently purchased at the current Chico’s clearance sale.  I was pleased to find something I will wear all year long and can style in so many different ways.  I am speaking of the tunic top, of course.  Black & White works no matter the time of year.  I like to wear tunics as a topper piece like this one.  I have so many accessories I can use to embellish this tunic and add vibrant color.  The vertical stripes are the most slimming stripes.  It is lightweight and will work well into the warmer weather.  Once I achieve my weight-loss goals, I can wear it as a tunic top with a belt.

Make sure you join the Passport Program at Chico’s …it doesn’t cost you a dime (unless you don’t sign up and miss the additonal savings).  Passport customers always get additional money off and receive free shipping on everything.  It is a great program.  Also, you will recieve the email updates for special sales and early notifications.

I actually purchased four pieces so there is more to come later.  If you haven’t seen what is currently in the sale, I picked out some items below!

Does anyone else like to open a tunic and use it as a jacket?



  1. I always like black and white! The stripes are more artsy, they’re more interesting, and it looks great on you! I also like the necklace and the pretty bracelets with it! I have a tencel tunic top that I use this way. It has always fit kind of odd in the back when it’s buttoned, so I like to wear it over other shirts like you are doing here. Speaking of weight loss goals, I really blew it over the holidays with eating and am paying the price, so my workouts have resumed in earnest. I wish I could just learn once and for all that it’s not worth it to overindulge! Still giving cookies away so I don’t eat them all!!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Karen. I think the holidays are tough for most of us. I lost control over a long period of time as I plunged into my new job and allowed many things to cause me to put it back on…I hope to pay more attention now.

  2. This tunic top is a winner in multiple ways: black and white, stripes, open or buttoned up, belted or not, sleeves up or long, butt coverage… AND all this on clearance!

  3. A beautiful classic look!! I love it and it looks great on you! The fact that it was on sale is an added bonus!

  4. Hi Pam – the tunic looks great on you. What a great find. As a point of reference, will you share your height? I have been a WW member for awhile and it worked for me – until Thanksgiving! Oh dear. From then on, I over indulged. So, back to basics for me. Taking things one step/day at a time is the best approach. Good luck. I know you can do it once you have committed to it.

  5. Ok. I have been staying away from Chico’s as I too have gained 30 lbs. I have started the South Beach diet because I can stick to it. Started the last week of December and have lost 7 lbs.
    You have convinced me to take a trip to Chico’s. I have always been a Chico’s fan. Hope I can find a steal like your tunic!

    1. Remember when you stop by Marcia, if you don’t find anything you like, it is not about you, it’s the clothing…just not right for you where your are right now…don’t get down on yourself. With that said, Chicos has improved their sizing and I found three great garments in the recent sale. It is worth a look. Keep up the good work on your diet.

  6. Love everything about the outfit! Great summer piece, yet with a open jacket and some big, statement jewelry, you could wear this in the office. Versatile and easy to care for – assuming it’s a cotton/poly blend.

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