As promised, here is the first garment I recently purchased at the current Chico’s clearance sale.  I was pleased to find something I will wear all year long and can style in so many different ways.  I am speaking of the tunic top, of course.  Black & White works no matter the time of year.  I like to wear tunics as a topper piece like this one.  I have so many accessories I can use to embellish this tunic and add vibrant color.  The vertical stripes are the most slimming stripes.  It is lightweight and will work well into the warmer weather.  Once I achieve my weight-loss goals, I can wear it as a tunic top with a belt.

Make sure you join the Passport Program at Chico’s …it doesn’t cost you a dime (unless you don’t sign up and miss the additonal savings).  Passport customers always get additional money off and receive free shipping on everything.  It is a great program.  Also, you will recieve the email updates for special sales and early notifications.

I actually purchased four pieces so there is more to come later.  If you haven’t seen what is currently in the sale, I picked out some items below!

Does anyone else like to open a tunic and use it as a jacket?


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