Would You Wear It 2018 – Part 3

This is our third week of Would You Weat It and the conversations have been lively!  Last week’s outfit, was not popular with most.  This week, I chose a different direction.  Please remember to explain your answers (don’t just say yes or no)…we have learned so much from each other since we started this.

We are very casual today…. looking at the mannequin closest to us…so, ladies, tell us  WOULD YOU WEAR IT????



  1. The top…..yes, absolutely! I love it! But, with leggings, or jeans that went to my ankle. I am not a fan of frayed hems.

  2. The top yes. But not the frayed jeans, I do not like those. You could dress that top up or down, with a nice pair of black pants or jeans or leggings.

  3. Yes I would! I would size down on the top because this looks too big, but I like the length, color and fabric. Great casual look. Jeans are cute, though I’d more likely choose a pair without the flare at the hem. Like the frayed hem, just not how it flares out. Top is really cute!

  4. Love love love the top and yes I would wear this look. I am short so sometimes I prefer a legging over the leg in this picture. I would add a suede or velvet heel (bootie, sandal or pump) or even a wedge pump or an embellished velvet flat. Great for date night or a party. Denim is casual but the top dresses it up. Age appropriate (I am 55) as long as the top isn’t too low cut.

  5. Well, yes and no. I’m a borderline petite but I’ve noticed that fuller tops look better on me if they are scaled for the petite person. Also, I would change the color of the top. I have light skin and hair so the black could end up wearing me. If the top was in blue, it would create a monochromatic look. I think I could make the jeans work if I had a nude shoe on and if they were petite sized. So I guess the short answer is that I would not wear it as is.

  6. If we’re over 50 (or 60) this looks like the kind of maternity tops we wore. Also, the low neckline would not be attractive on most over 50 women and the frayed jeans would makes us look like we’re trying too hard to hang onto our quickly fading youth. No, thank you, I wouldn’t wear it.

  7. I own a velvet top very much like this one, black, with colorful embroidery, and I love it! It is easy to wear casual or dress up, so perfect for travelling. I do not care for the frayed hem look, so I have worn the top with skinny jeans and skinny black Ponte pants.

  8. I’d wear the whole thing, provided there’s not too much volume in the top. I love a dress-over-pants look. I like the frayed hems and shorter length which allow a pair of show-stopper shoes to be seen.

  9. Yes I think it is a beautiful top. I would wear it with black leggings, not the jeans, and a cami under because I don’t like low cut tops. I like jeans and wear them most of the time but I think black legging would be better.

  10. Yes, I would wear the top if it draped well. I have a small concern about the depth of the vee in regards to my bra showing. But I could easily fix that with a camisole.
    No, the style of the jeans are double wrong for me. High waders and frayed are not listed in my personal rules of fashion.

  11. I can’t tell if there is a cami on the model or if that fabric is part of the top but it eliminates the problem neckline and I happen to look good in tops with an empire waste so yes I would wear it! The jeans are cute but I would have to see how they looked on me. That top could be used with lots of different pants.

    1. The top is pretty, but the Cami would be necessary for me. However, I am 5’2″ and find that I look better with more vertical definition in a top. This top is too roomy and would make me look chunkier: short and chunky, I fear. I think some taller gals could pull off the look, but the frayed bottom jeans are not to my liking. Tall girl with that top and some slender black jeans: Yes, that would be a good look but not one that I would feel comfortable in.

  12. No, I would not wear the top. It does remind me of a maternity top. If the jeans were a little longer I would like them more. I have a similar pair(mine are a little closer to the ankle length frayed hem) that I wear year round and love them.I really am pleasantly surprised( I did hesitate buying them but so glad I did make the purchase) with the frayed hem jeans and how great they look with many styles of shoes and tops.

  13. I love the jeans..on trend and can be worn with several shoe styles and look cute! The top is cute but I have found you have to really be aware of sizes and not size up (me) or this style tends to look sloppy/too big.

  14. No on the jeans because of the length & fray issue. I’m tall & would feel like I outgrew them.
    The fray just looks cheap to me.
    The top is pretty much more dressy than the jeans. If I wore it I’d belt or sash so as to define a waist line otherwise on me @ least it would look a bit like maternity wear. A slim gold belt a pair of slim leg slacks in black & black booties
    would make it work.I do like the jeans on the other mannequin.
    Becca G

  15. Love the top, but would never wear the jeans, just too grungy for my taste. However, a different pair may work, and definitely black pants or leggings would be nice

  16. I LOVE the low V neckline on me and would wear the top if it were a little less full as I am only 5’2″. My personal style isn’t bojo, but the top is still lovely. Those jeans however, are deadly on my short legs! Ankle length and flares would make me look like a yard sign! I don’t understand why women would ever want to shorten their legs.

  17. A bit boho for my tastes too but I’d consider the top on the left and the jeans on the right.

    These “would you wear it” exercises are great. I tend to be pretty conservative about clothes and these help to broaden my exposure to fun clothes. Yet again, thanks!

  18. It is a mix of overly trimmed top and frayed pants. This is too extreme for me. I prefer tops and pants to blend not clash with each other. I know this is a combination young women were but it is faddy to my taste.

  19. I love the jeans, frayed hem and ankle length are great. Top is definite no. I never, ever wear tops that are low like this, even with a camisole underneath. I don’t think they do well with women our age, no matter your figure…and for that matter I don’t even like them on younger women! Call me old fashioned, but let’s have some modesty. Anyway, I like the Boho look (as in Anthropologie) but this just doesn’t appeal to me.

  20. That style of blouse needs to follow the “long over lean” rule. Yes, I would wear the top with skinny jeans and black booties.

  21. The top is really cute, but seems a bit dressy for the jeans. The top is out of proportion to the pants, too wide, too long. I would wear it if it were slimmed down with long silky pants/leggings
    and a strappy high heel sandal. (I am dreaming here. Sadly, no high heels anymore for me at 70+)

  22. I like the boho vibe of the top; I’m not sure how the neckline would look on me but I would definitely try it on. I would hate the jeans for myself because of the way they flare out at the bottom. I have very skinny calves, and that look does not work for me. Skinny crops that fit close to the ankle or leggings would be a better pairing for my taste. I enjoy this “Would You Wear It” series!

  23. I agree totally with the few comments that pointed out the “maternity” look of the black top. I gave up this particular look right after my last child was born!

    One commenter suggested belting the top with a thin belt; this would eliminate the “maternity” look. True, but why purchase a garment that requires adaptation? There are plenty of other options available.

    Since one of my best features is my tiny waist; I always emphasize it by defining my waist.

    Being quite short-5ft, 3 inches-I want the eye to be deceived, so I choose not to wear ankle-length pants. And, frayed hems, are, in my opinion, “tacky.” And, why pay money for defective fabric?

    While I admire high heels and the look they can help achieve, I simply cannot wear them because of foot issues. I keep my heel height to under two inches; that way I can walk and smile at the same time. I just have to live with the fact that high heels are no-nos.

    Week 3 Viewpoint by Patm

  24. I would wear the top but not the jeans. I just can’t seem to get on board with the frayed hems fad. Every time I see them I can’t get the image of a scarecrow out of my head–lol. I am a firm believer that everyone should wear what they love! I just don’t love them.

  25. The top is not something I’m normally attracted to but this exercise is great for helping me branch out. I would wear it with leggings for sure because the fabric looks heavy and I think leggings would balance out the “bulk”, taking into consideration that mannequins appears to be a youthful size 0. I like all the ideas and especially the camisole comments.

  26. Yes, definitely!! As long as the frayed crops have no rips/tears, they might meet my criteria (my 5 adjectives). The top is so cute … I am comfortable in longer flowy-designed tops and this look is trendy without being costume-like. I am almost 57 and appreciate looks which “nod” to current styles but are still (what I’d determine) age-appropriate.

  27. Good gawd no. I’m currently a fat 5’2″ female with an apple profile. I don’t need to draw any more attention to my thick waist area. I hate frayed jeans. In fact, I am currently wearing a pair of hemmed jeans that has frays. They really bug me but I am too lazy to cut them off. LOL. I did like the jeans on the other mannequin. These posts are fun.

  28. No, I do not like frayed jeans and the top is too busy. I agree with some of the others that it looks like a maternity top.

  29. I would definitely wear the top as long as it fit me correctly. I’m long in the body, so I often have problems wearing that style (empire cut?). The seam below the bust tends to hit me in the wrong place. With the low V neckline, I’d probably wear this top over a camisole and rather than frayed, cropped jeans, I would choose black leggings or my dark wash skinny jeans.

  30. No, I would not wear it, do not care for the print or style. I would probably wear the outfit on the 2nd mannequin. Love that look.

  31. I am short with short legs, so I think the top would make my legs look even shorter. The top also reminds me of some of the tops I wore in the 1970s, very flowy with, dare I say it, bell bottoms. I am not a fan of frayed jeans either, so this one gets a no from me. I am enjoying this feature. It gives me a fresh perspective on things.

  32. Yes I would wear this , I like the jeans I think this is a fun weekend idea and if the price was right , I would go for it , don’t want to spend 100.00 on these trendy jeans , the top is cute , I always add camisoles so no problem there

  33. No.
    The top is cute but it would just highlight the fact that my bust is really small.
    The pants are just weird. Cropped + frayed (on me) = trying too hard.
    Besides, the long top paired with the shortish jeans would look disproportionate on my five-foot frame.
    However, that white top on the other mannequin might be good!

  34. No … I like both pieces separately, but not a look I like together. I would wear the black top with black leggings and flats. The cropped frayed pants are me! I can see myself wearing them with t shirts, spring, summer and fall!

  35. Because the pants are cropped and the top long and oversized it creates a very out of balance proportion. Instead of elongated the legs it shortens them and makes the torso seem big. Even if our figures are not what they use to be, hiding under voluminous clothing is not flattering. I would NOT wear this.

  36. My personal,thoughts: Top too long with too short jeans. Proportion not good – makes legs look short. I agree that black leggings would work better here with pretty back flats or heels.

  37. Screams maternity to me(60+). I do not care for cropped pants or the bell style. I love fashion and most trends and I do like Boho but this is not it. I do love the jeans on the other model like many others! Love the posts of “Would You Wear This!) FUN!

  38. It’s a beautiful piece. Unfortunately, I am petite and the length and roominess of this top would not be attractive on me.

  39. No I wouldn’t wear either.I don’t like the pattern on the top and the V neck is too low for me.I also don’t like the trim around the bottom of the tunic and it is too voluminous for my body type.I don’t like the frayed bottoms on the jeans and therefore I wouldn’t wear those either.

  40. No I would not wear this at all. Too bohemian for me. I think this looks better on a taller slimmer person. Also do not like frayed jeans.

  41. I would definitely give the tunic top a go but would wear with leggings. I would look and feel quite silly in those jeans.

  42. Would not wear it. I’ve never been a fan of the dress/tunic with jeans. This tunic, alone, is “meh” to me. Not something that I would buy. It’s now awful, just not my style.

    As far as the jeans, I don’t care for the frayed hem.

  43. Yes, I would wear it. I like the V-neck and the way it looks. I would not wear the jeans – I prefer the “safer” dark wash jeans. It’s got a bohemian vibe that I like.

  44. Yes, I’d wear it, but I’d size down the top as I’m short. I think the top is interesting enough on its own, that the frayed hems are a little too much. Their length is okay, but a regular hem would be less intrusive on the whole look.

  45. The pants. Not into cropped flares. I would choose leggings.
    The top: not in love with it so I probably wouldn’t wear it. I am a little confused- is it supposed to be an empire style? The bust area looks a little too high for my body. It would end up looking like a maternity blouse.

  46. I love this top and I would definitely wear it. I’d have to pair it with leggings or longer pants, though, as I have shorter legs and would look out of proportion with the cropped jeans. I think the top has a lot of style without going over the top.

  47. I would wear it with skinny jeans (black or colored or dark wash) or with black velvet leggings. Looks cute and comfortable.

  48. I like the top (no, no to the pants!) but I’m not sure where the bust is supposed to be–the mannequin has no boobs! I suspect it would look very odd on me…

  49. I like both pieces, but not together. The top is very cute! I would wear it with black leggings like everyone else has said. And some sort of scrappy heel. It would give it a little more dressed up feel. The jeans are really cute. I have seen the style on younger women. I don’t think I can pull the look off.

  50. I would wear the top IF the halter part of it is form fitting and fits snugly on my rib cage, Empire style. I have learned over the years that I just don’t feel right in loose hanging clothes on my upper half. So the smock bottom is okay as long as the halter top is body hugging. Make sense? 🙂 And not with the short jeans. I am little … long top, short jeans makes me feel stunted LOL

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