I love a cozy tunic…and when the Chico’s Cozy Tunic went on sale after Christmas for $29, I bought a couple of them.   The fabric is so soft…and, well, cozy!  I love this color of blue, and for running errands-out-and-about looks, these tunics are great.

This outfit is also a nod to pattern mixing.  The shoes and the scarf “go” because they share the different shades of gray in their patterns.   These are another great pair of Total Motion flats from Rockport.

We had a great discussion yesterday about retirement vs professional wear…what stays and what goes.  This is the type of look for me that would stay in my closet.  Wearing a rich, staturated blue like this just makes me smile….

Below are some of my favorites in the newest releases from Chicos…see what you think of the new line….and…


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