What I Bought At the Chico’s Sale: Look #2

I love a cozy tunic…and when the Chico’s Cozy Tunic went on sale after Christmas for $29, I bought a couple of them.   The fabric is so soft…and, well, cozy!  I love this color of blue, and for running errands-out-and-about looks, these tunics are great.

This outfit is also a nod to pattern mixing.  The shoes and the scarf “go” because they share the different shades of gray in their patterns.   These are another great pair of Total Motion flats from Rockport.

We had a great discussion yesterday about retirement vs professional wear…what stays and what goes.  This is the type of look for me that would stay in my closet.  Wearing a rich, staturated blue like this just makes me smile….

Below are some of my favorites in the newest releases from Chicos…see what you think of the new line….and…



  1. I loved yesterday’s discussion and found some great tips. It was so helpful! In fact, I printed out the comments to save for when my day comes. I love the tunic you feature here, and it’s dressed up just perfectly with the scarf. This is also how I do pattern mixing, very subtle, which is more in keeping with my style. I LOVE the floral leggings, above!!

    1. It was a great discussion….wasn’t it, Karen and I agree…very helpful. I might take your lead and print out the comments as well. Thanks for the idea and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. This is such a balanced look. Works for just about 100% of the places, activities and events events I go to.

  3. Pam, you’re killing me with the cute [not narrow] shoes. I love the new clothes from Chicos which are precisely some of my favorite retirement styles. I call my new style “fun clothes”. There’s only so much fun you can have with business suits. I did my best with jewelry, scarves and shoes and I even have prescription glasses in some fashionable colors (I wear contacts much of the time but I consider glasses an accessory). I love to wear more color and flair in my wardrobe now. I had the rare occasion to go downtown for a meeting today, so here I am in a gray tweed suit with a white, button-down blouse, but I added a scarf I recently bought at Talbots which is a fuschia background with a Paris print. I wore it long and draped to brighten me up on this winter day in Ohio–added subtle pink glasses.

    1. You and I are so similar, Nina. Chicos does give us fun, stylish options for any occasion…and their accessories are some of my favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I love tunics, but have to be careful about the cut. Too full and they make me look too large on top (like some others I am on a journey this year to lose weight and get healthier). The one you are wearing today looks perfect and the color is gorgeous. I am finding the jewel tone colors are my favorites and brighten my day and my look as I get older. Love the Chico’s jeans and black and white pieces (so classy)!

    1. They are my favorite colors also, Mally. And I share in your journey to lose weight and get healthier. Thank you for your comment!

  5. I love the top and I actually own it in 2 different colors. I like the V-neck and the way it flows softly on the body. I really like Chicos and if you went into my closet, probably 80% comes from Chicos. Once I retired, I decided I wanted a more relaxed look that could be worn in a variety of situations.

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