I am so happy to see the weekend, and snuggle warm and toasty in my cashmere poncho.  Time to get casual and do some reflection.

As I confessed earlier, I had a bit of a slump.  I let comparisons and criticisms get to me.  But, let me assure everyone…I AM BACK.  I write often about confidence and the importance of having confidence in ourselves.

It is empowering and attractive.  Without confidence, I never would have walked into San Antonio Woman Magazine and asked for a job at age 62.  I knew I could be editor, and I was not going to own doubts about myself or my age and allow that to hold me back.

Confidence helps give us the courage to take chances and step out of our comfort zones.  We are more likely to try new things when we are confident.  When I am confident, I literally love to speak to anyone around me whether in the grocery store line or the clothing retail dressing rooms.  When I am confident, I enjoy going out and being seen. 

When I am confident, I am more likely to raise my hand and say, “I’ll do it.”  If you are not feeling confident today, then I hope you will continue to join us and keep going forward.  Life is too short not to.  If you are feeling confident, then please tell us what you plan on doing this weekend which may be a little out of your comfort zone.



It’s time for the weekend…enjoy…and Keep Smiling!

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