Modeling Over 50 and Fun Fashion Too!

A friend of mine in San Antonio, Barbara Lozano, has had a long career in fashion and owns a local boutique, Andie & Barbara.  She invited me to help with promotional pictures of a couple of fashion events this week.  What struck me…besides the fun clothes…were her over 50 models who were having so much fun and enjoying each moment of the experience.  It reminded me that nothing is out of our reach the second half of life…we can still be models and pursue dreams. It is also nice to see different shapes and sizes of models. They do portray women who are most like the majority of us.  Here are some of the images of the events…I thought you might enjoy the clothing from brands like Ming Wang and IC Collection.

They were having so much made me want to hit the runway with them.  Have you done anything you always wanted to do, but it took a lot of courage to pursue it??  Also, do you like to see clothing on different sizes, shapes, and ages…or do you prefer traditional models?  Please share…..

And, all San Antonio ladies, make sure you stop by Andie & Barbara and say hello…tell them I sent you!



  1. I LOVE these clothes Pam!! That white necklace on the dark-haired model in the 3rd and 4th pictures is fabulous! The clothes are so current, and the models themselves are so believable. This is truly enjoyable! I love so many of these things! Also, the woman with the long gray hair – so pretty how she is styling her hair! So many things here, those black pants with the embroidery up the leg, and there is just something special about that sheer top over the cami. I have always been a big fan of illusion, usually see it in black and navy, and this reminds me of that! But that white necklace…!!What a great, fun post!

  2. The model with the short brown hair was my favorite. She looked great in the clothes and was projecting a happy attitude and ease with herself. Thank you for these photos of real ladies being real models.

  3. The models look beautiful and like they are having fun. I like to see the clothing on different shapes and sizes. I particularly like the turquoise blue top with the coral flowers. I will try to check out the boutique the next time I am in San Antonio.

  4. There isn’t a single outfit any of these models are wearing I wouldn’t love to have in my wardrobe. Each one is spectacular! I found I was smiling all the way through the pictures. Perhaps the clothes, perhaps the happy smiles on the models, probably some of both.

    Incidentally, Pam, after all my complaining about Rockport not carrying narrow width boots and shoes, I stumbled upon Rockport’s Cobb Hill collection in one of the catalogs where I buy narrow shoes. Yes, Rockport has a collection of narrow boots and they are lovely and as comfortable as any boot I’ve ever worn. I waited until they arrived before I commented on them. I wasn’t sure how to pass this information on to you so I added it to this email.

    1. I love my Cobb Hill boots, Nina. I walk in the neighborhood in them…they are that comfortable. I am so glad you have a pair now!

  5. Love all the outfits. I like seeing clothes on models in all ages groups, shapes, and sizes. That provides a realistic view of the clothes. Also it may give us a nudge to try something we had not thought of or thought we couldn’t wear. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Good observation, Leona. I think it does give us more courage to try things on when we see them on women more like us. Thanks!

  6. Nice to see women of our age being able to model. The clothes were great and not all frumpy. So many times it’s hard for us to but clothes that aren’t too young looking or else we end up looking matronly. I usually wind up shopping at Macy’s where I can find a decent selection. Don’t know if I would wear all the bright colors but certainly some of them would work for me.

  7. What wonderful coverage of the fashion event. I absolutely loved picture #2 fave black and white. The model in picture #5 had such wonderful hair, so natural looking. The sporty outfit in picture #9 would fit into my current wardrobe !! All the models and outfits were so beautiful Thanks for showing us pictures of this event.

  8. Real people!! What a wonderful change. I just got a Lands End catalogue with plus sized models. It’s about time. Thank you for this!

  9. Pam,
    The ladies were absolutely lovely and the smiles were priceless. Especially like the two piece bomber jacket and matching top!

    Where were you in all that modeling?

  10. I LOVE everything about this! The different body shapes and sizes of the models, the varying ages of the models and certainly the clothes!!! It is so much easier to relate to when the clothing is being worn by women that are not emaciated and 15 years old 🙂

  11. Pam,
    I coordinate a runway fashion show every year for the Daytona Beach Symphony Guild and all my models are from ages thirty something to late eighties in every size. They strut the runway, looking beautiful, having fun and in turn the audience loves every minute of it. It is a huge fundraiser at the Hilton every year.

  12. I love seeing models in all shapes & sizes. I’m short but not petite. It is difficult to envision how something might look on me if the model is very tall & slender. All those ladies looked fabulous.

  13. I liked most of the clothes and it was clear that the ladies were having a terrific time. I think that one of the benefits of being older is that we no longer have to worry about being “judged” by our peers – I think older women are more generous with each other, and if we are judged, we just don’t care anymore.

    1. I don’t know if that is always the case, Elsie…but I do know that overall we are more courageous to do things like modeling amd just enjoying it.

  14. I love seeing all these “real” women modelling and showing their beautiful smiles.They look look they’re having fun.

    1. They were having fun and it made both events fun. A great way for this small boutique owner to sell her clothing too!

  15. Pam, are these current items? I have searched IC Collections and Ming Wang for the top with matching jacket on the gal with short, blonde hair as well as the black pants with the embellishment down the side and can’t find any of these.

    1. They are new items and they are in a local boutique here. Why don’t you go to the Facebook Page for Andie & Barbara, a boutique in San Antonio. Tell Barbara, I sent you and ask her about any of the clothes. She could even place orders and send them to you if you like, but I am sure she would be glad to help you find them. She is so sweet and a talented fashion stylist.

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