A friend of mine in San Antonio, Barbara Lozano, has had a long career in fashion and owns a local boutique, Andie & Barbara.  She invited me to help with promotional pictures of a couple of fashion events this week.  What struck me…besides the fun clothes…were her over 50 models who were having so much fun and enjoying each moment of the experience.  It reminded me that nothing is out of our reach the second half of life…we can still be models and pursue dreams. It is also nice to see different shapes and sizes of models. They do portray women who are most like the majority of us.  Here are some of the images of the events…I thought you might enjoy the clothing from brands like Ming Wang and IC Collection.

They were having so much fun..it made me want to hit the runway with them.  Have you done anything you always wanted to do, but it took a lot of courage to pursue it??  Also, do you like to see clothing on different sizes, shapes, and ages…or do you prefer traditional models?  Please share…..

And, all San Antonio ladies, make sure you stop by Andie & Barbara and say hello…tell them I sent you!


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