Fashion Over 50: Let the Spring Transition Begin!

We have officially begun to have a few warmer days in South Texas, so I did take some of my heavier items and put them away…it is time to begin to transition toward Spring 2018.  Not long ago, I told you I have several pair of Eileen Fisher Crepe Slim Leg Pants…I have black, white, light grey and now this new color RYE.  It could be seen by some as a brown…or by some as a gray.  But, I really like the color, and when paired with my older Eileen Fisher lightweight cardigan, it is a good transition look.  Today, I am wearing them with a print for a more casual style…for work I wore a white blouse and a fun silver necklace.

I added my nude Rockport Total Motion flats…which are super comfy and perfect for a spring transition.  I also wore a fun leather and pearls bracelet by local jewelry designer, Susan Butler of Con Brio Beads,This three day weekend is a great time to shop President’s Day Sales…many places have their final clearances of winter items.  I found some fun pieces…some on sale and some not…and placed them below.

When do you begin to transition to different shades of colors and warmer weather styles?

I hope to see everyone on Saturday for WOULD YOU WEAR IT??




  1. Not at the transition point yet in Ohio. That usually happens for me in very late March or early April. We get a lot of snow in March, generally, and while I truly want to transition, it isn’t practical. There is something a little off about stepping out on a snowy day in spring clothes! Shopping though, right now that does center around spring and summer! I like the color or your pants, such a good neutral that will go with so many things. Love the silver bracelet on your left wrist! You have beautiful jewelry!

  2. Another Ohioan here, and I have to agree with Karen about holding off a bit with spring clothes. However, I love looking at all the beautiful spring colors — and I especially like the color palette you have on today, Pam! Gorgeous neutrals! Great shoes, too!

  3. Thanks Beth…this color palette is good to transition in…not pastel…but doesn’t say winter either.

  4. I just purchased a couple of sweaters on sale so I would like the cool weather to last a little longer but overall, I am ready to transition to Spring clothes. Or, at least see the sun again. I love the color of your pants and I like your bracelet. I will be checking out her website.

  5. Susan makes beautiful jewelry and hand blows her own glass beads…they are stunning. I like this outfit better with the neutral blouse, but I was dressed to run errands on the day we took the pictures. The blouse had already been worn. I really like the color of the pants. Thanks Michele.

  6. Love the outfit. Even though I also live in the north and we have more winter ahead of us, I’ve started to transition my wardrobe today. It seems like we go straight from winter to summer and there are clothes I don’t get to wear very much of because I keep going to the heavy sweaters. So, I’ve put away dark and heavy sweaters and I’m going to focus on layering and wearing long sleeved tees with vests and jackets. I have cardigans I don’t wear enough of because it gets warm fast, so I’ll be layering with those, too. I’m going to lighten things up a bit while we are still in winter.

  7. I saw blooming daffodils yesterday and I notice the birds are atwitter in the mornings, so I’m ready to start making the transition. I love the outfit you are wearing! I’ve never tried the Eileen Fisher pants, so maybe it is a good time for me to do so. I’ll probably have to have them altered since I am short, not petite. I can probably take the heaviest items out of my closet and put them away. I’m going to do a good purge, and get rid of stuff I didn’t wear this year.

  8. I like the shirt. Is it new? where did you find it. I have a similar color pair of pants and am always looking for taupe friendly tops.

  9. That is a spectacular outfit right down to the accessories and shoes. It sure doesn’t feel like Spring is in the air in Ohio. Dreadfully gray, cold and raining. The “hardware” in my right ankle is screaming for a vacation in Florida. The Spring wardrobe items always make me feel uplifted when I begin wearing them. I have purchased a few more outfits recently as it makes me happy just to look at them in my closet!

  10. Transition to
    Spring….now? It’s the third week in February in Madison, WI. Impossible. I don’t put away my boots until May comes! We can have spits of snow on Memorial Day

  11. I am always looking for the same, Jane. The shirt is by Rachel Cole and I found it at Stein Mart. I love the colors in it. Thanks!

  12. Remember I said TRANSITION. It won’t be spring here for a little while…but I am gradually heading that direction. Thanks so much Nina…and have fun getting ready for spring’s arrival!

  13. Remember I said TRANSITION…sometimes it is a longer period for some of us. But, it hopefully gives you some excitement to think about it. When the snow begins to thaw, you can think about new looks!

  14. Pam, I always admire your nails, your colors pop! Do you get weekly manicures or is the gel? Lovely!

  15. It is gel, Mary Ann. I go twice a month…I love that I can do that now. Thanks for noticing!

  16. Hi, Pam, I love your blog, one of only two I decided to stay with this year because you are about more than just clothing for women over age 50 (thank you!). I enjoyed seeing your Susan Butler bracelet: you introduced me to Susan Butler’s jewelry a couple of years ago, and I have that bracelet (and it is beautiful). Wishing you and yours the very best!

  17. Thank you glad you are staying with me! Susan’s jewlery is beautiful and so much fun! Wishing you the best as well!

  18. Pam, the outfit is perfection, and you look wonderful in it! I live in southern California so I am right with you as far as the timing of transitioning goes! Thanks for the inspiration and for the recommendations. I too will be looking into getting those Eileen Fisher pants!

  19. I highly recommend them, Debora. And this color is awesome. Thanks so much for being here from sunny California!!

  20. I live about 45 minutes north of Toronto so sping clothes have another 6 to 8 weeks. I love the color of your pants and the bracelet too. Do you ever get to Toronto?

  21. I have not been to Toronto in years, Lynda. I traveled a lot in my 20s and 30s as a public relations/marketing professional and was able to go to Canada. It is so beautiful. I love Canada and hope to return someday for a holiday. Thank you for being here.

  22. Love these EF pants- style and color. Would you mind revealing what size you are in pants and tops? I enjoy your posts so much. Have you had any luck in finding a color stylist in San Antonio?

  23. I might have one, Esther, but have not had a chance to have a conversation with her…so sorry…working two jobs sometimes trips up my best intentions, but I will try to get that done this week. I am a Misses XL in the EF pants and most tops. I hope that helps…

  24. Love your outfit:it is feminine,current,stylish and you!Your looking forward to spring and I’m looking forward to my favourite time of the year,autumn.March and April in Melbourne are just perfect.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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