The weather is heating up in South Texas, and kimonos are one of my go to pieces especially for hot weather  I recently found this one at one of my favorite boutiques, Andie & Barbara in San Antonio…and it was on clearance…score!  The tank I am wearing is a light brown Chicos Travelers’s tank because the same brown is subtle in the print of the wrap.  My denim are my favorite Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings….which are really just skinny jeans. Besides wearing kimonos, something else I do when the seasons change is clean and re-organize my closet.  For the last five years, my closet has been orgainzed into colors…all like minded colors hanging together…and then a prints section.  But what I discovered is that I am usally looking for specific brands… asking where is that Chicos jacket, where are those Soft Surrounding’s pants…etcl.  So, when I re-organized the closet recently, I hung my clothes in families!  After two weeks, I am loving it.  I can find things so much easier.  Most of my wardrobe is in five major families…then there is a miscellaneous section.  So far, it works much better than the black section, the white section, the blue section, etc. etc.  I also like it better than the pants section, the jacket section, the top section…I will let you know if my love of this pattern continues.

Would anyone else like to share your closet organization secrets?  Please share and then……………….


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